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Prithvi is taking walks he hears that they may be wondering Manisha, Shrishti isn’t always able to control, Rishab takes over and asks her if Karan molestation her, she asks for the digital camera, saying that the mastermind is really exact and clever, Prithvi thinks of what he has to do to keep himself. Manisha is set to say the reality regarding him.

Prithvi thinks that if she continues saying like this then he will die and his plan will fail. They preserve in asking the questions then Prithvi thinks that he’s going to ought to do something as this is the worst day of his lifestyles because the whole thing that he has deliberate is falling aside.

Karan asks the Pandit to complete the rituals, Karina says that the wedding will not occur, Karan but disagrees pronouncing that after he is inclined and so is the bride then what’s the problem.

Janki thinks that something is wrong and he or she will see what goes on.

Sherlin walks in and is questioning what Billa intended with the aid of his words and she or he will have a tremendous issue in identifying the entirety that has befell. Karina is amazed to see Sherlin within the corridor,.

Janki sees the hand of the bride and feels that the hoop is the same as Preeta getting curious, she makes a decision to do something and spot the face of the bride and while she comes to know that it’s far Preeta, she requests that the Pandit whole the rite.

everybody is relieved to recognise that they are store and once more starts to invite the questions Manisha pointing toward the window gets unconscious. Kartika ask Shrishti to dial the wide variety of the health practitioner so she can ask for an antidote to lower the effect of the drug, Prithvi walks at the back of her and is taking into account a plan to save Manisha from them. He sees the lighting fixtures and works out a plan in order to electrocute Kartika with the aid of throwing water on the floor and passing a few current thru it. Kartika receives the instructions from the physician and whilst she is strolling slips and gets electrocuted, a servant comes and he asks him to go and inform Rishab of the event while the information breaks they all; run to help her in hurry and Rishab receives angry seeing Prithvi he asks what he is doing Prithvi tells that he said her and seeing that they all are bust leaves to wake Manisha.
He does the whole lot that he can to wake her however she isn’t always because of the overdose and he receives involved thinking what’s going to manifest if she does now not wake up.

Kartika wakes and while Rishab asks her if she is alight she asks him why he left Manisha by myself all of them run to Karan s room, Prithvi but wakes her and she slaps him in retaliation.

Sara asks Janki whys she is so glad and what took place, she says that she is alight due to the fact God has listened to her parry, Sarla asks wherein her groom is, she said that he is set to come and then they each can be her elders, Sarla gets confused and is stunned to look how satisfied Janki is.

Prithvi is relieved, Manisha says that he must no longer contact her, he says that they gave her the reality serum and she or he has informed them the whole lot that she changed into not behind the molestation, and he tells that Preeta has taken her vicinity.

each person reaches the room and they do not locate Manisha, she however runs and all of them cross after her. Prithvi says that he has stored himself and now ought to do something to prevent the marriage.
all of them run after Manisha and cross in exceptional guidelines, but anyplace they search they’re no longer able to discover her and are worried where she has gone, the Pandit asks them to get equipped for the circling, she is before everything hesitant but whilst compelled receives up.

Shrishti appears once more, however, isn’t capable of discovering her, she receives really annoyed, then taking into account whether she has long past to the Mandap she calls her telling that they have got misplaced Manisha and now none will come to save her, being attentive to this she breaks the bond and leaves from the Mandap.

Karan is set to go after her but is stopped via Manisha cousins who ask him to live put as Manisha will come back.

whilst Preeta is waking Manisha stops her and starts to yell at her, blaming that she has purposefully taken her region in order that she can marry Karan.

Precap: Preeta takes Manisha by way of her hand and drags her however she takes a vase and hits her at the back of the pinnacle.


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