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Sherlin sees Prithvi and right now coming to him applies the colours, he ask her why she is nto worried due to the fact if someone sees them then it will be truly and for them and they may land In prison, She however says that she does not care and she or he will marry him regardless of what, Prithvi gets scared seeing her intentions, Chachi sees the whole thing from behind the curtains. And is simply stunned.
Mahesh greets his buddies after which runs after his pals celebrating the event of Holi.
Rakhi is inebriated and bumps into Mahesh, she is absolutely under the influence of alcohol and begins to romance with him, he gets fearful asking her to say away due to the fact absolutely everyone is watching, Janki comes asking in which he is taking Rakhi, he says that he goes to his room, she offers them a boost and he additionally concurs going with them.

Preeta name callings Karan for being inebriated, he says that he has a number of die hard enthusiasts however no longer like her, she says that she isn’t his fan however his buddy, he makes fun of her for being his female friend, she says that she isn’t his girlfriend and he have to no longer speak like this to her, she tries to walk away but he pulls her closer, she gets irritated threatening to hit him.
He says that she turned into the one who were given him arrested or even then she is standing in his residence, she says that she is the physiotherapist of Dadi and Rishab introduced her right here, he explains that at the start he desired her to stay far from the residence but then he desired her to come to his residence.

He says that he has some important element to mention, he apologizes her for each dupatta he has torn. She accepts it and says that she will repair all of them at his expense, she begins to laugh, he says that he likes this smile of hers, she ask the purpose, he ask if she does now not realize, he takes her by way of the palms and is ready to mention but gets absolutely worried and is abn0pot capable to mention it.
He asks her to turn and matter to a few simplest then he will say it, she counts till two and while she courts three he falls unconscious, she in the beginning gets mad however then seeing his circumstance gets concerned, Shrishti and Samer depart from out of doors.

Rakhi and Janki are both absolutely inebriated and Mahesh has a totally hard time controlling them, he ask Janki to move and convey Dadi to them.

Samer say that Bi jee beverages the syrup that’s genuinely robust, she starts to argue with him, he ask how does she okay now that he certainly loves Preeta, she say that she has a mind and might tell by using the face of the man or woman if he loves someone, he asks her what she feels by using seeing his face, simply then Tanvi comes and seeing him so close with Tanvi she receives jealous and leaves.
Mahesh brings Rakhi to the room making her lie down on the bed, she pulls him nearer and says that she wants to marry him again, he says that they each are already married and there may be no want to do it once more, she starts to cry and creates a scene, every person is available in, she say that Mahesh has an affair with someone else, absolutely everyone starts offevolved to scold him and does no longer concentrate to what he has to mention, he pleads that he’s innocent however none is giving importance to n his phrases. Dadi ask him why he has performed the sort of heinous act together with her daughter in regulation, Rakhi threatens to strive a suicide after this cheating act.

Rakhi doesn’t concentrate to some thing and threatens to attempt a suicide, Dadi says that she also can cheat him, Mahesh receives indignant and scolds Rakhi, She complains to Dadi who slaps him before leaving. Sarla is guffawing seeing the scene.

Preeta wonders what Karan did to her, as he changed into not even capable of control himself which proved what he stated become incorrect, Prithvi comes from behind and thinks that he’s going to follow the colors to her and she or he will now not say anything. He comes and wishes her happy Holi, she also needs him, he say that she need to do it nicely and apply the colour to him, she takes a pinch and is set to do it however he holds her hand and says that she should follow it like this but have to do it nicely like a spouse might do, he takes her hand and is ready to convey it to his face, Rishab comes and sees them.

Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya episode update: Sherlin is status smiling, Chachi ask her what hideous plan she is questioning off, Shrishti asks anybody to come down and watch the dance, all through the overall performance Manisha hits Rishab with a knife.


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