Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Preeta drags Manisha closer to the hall but Manisha hits the returned of her head with a vase. Later, Manisha stood within the bridal attire and thinks these humans don’t yet know her real face.

Janki becomes satisfied that the matter.

The bride comes to the level. Karan became excited about getting married. Rakhi wonders if her son has gone insane, as he is marrying Manisha. Janki says this isn’t Manisha however Preeta underneath the bridal veil. Rakhi also cheers up.

The police crew arrives at the wedding feature to take security rate. Rishab, Shrishti and others come downstairs to search for Manisha. The Pandit Ji asks them no longer to delay the marriage any more. Karan teases Preeta what she will be able to do now. Manisha replies she will be able to marry him, she now removes her veil to every person’s surprise.

Rakhi and Janki were tensed.

A publish guy comes soliciting for Preeta Arora. Karan inquires Manisha but she became clueless. everybody searches for Preeta. Preeta comes to the hall, she asks the person if he came from background lodge? the person nods. Preeta unties the knot of Gadh Bandhan and says as per her promise, she received permits Karan to marry Manisha. Manisha questions how dare Preeta touched her Gadh Bandhan. Preeta says she dared, simply as Manisha dared to attain here.

She tells Manisha that this guy got here from a historical past motel with the CCTV footage of that night when she charged Karan of molestation. Karan changed into under the influence of alcohol and didn’t take Manisha into the room, rather Manisha took him to the room. Manisha shouts at Preeta to close up. Preeta questions why she falsely charged Karan for molestation. She warns Manisha to depart right away, else she can hand the photos to police and Manisha might be arrested.

Manisha’s mother asks her approximately the molestation case. Shrishti intervenes that her daughter charged Karan for molestation falsely. Her mother and father had a confrontation with Mahesh and Rakhi.

Manisha asks Pandit ji to ignore Preeta. however, Preeta as an alternative pushes her away claiming she will be able to don’t let her marry Karan. Manisha holds a surrender Preeta in accusation. Karan holds her hand in mid-air and warns her not to dare contact Preeta. Manisha reminds Karan of his deal, he promised to marry her if she facilitates take Rishab out of prison. Rishab intervenes that he is prepared to visit prison one thousand instances, but gained’t allow her to marry Karan. Karan says he’s going to marry Manisha

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Precap: Manisha says she can tell Karan the name of mastermind. A good holding gun enters from in the back of.


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