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Rishab sees Preeta with Prithvi and quickly takes her far from Prithvi, he thinks why the Luthra brothers always take Preeta way from him,
Preeta asks in which Dadi is and she or he instructed her to no longer stand for long durations because it will purpose issues for her, she does not pay attention Rishab holds her hand to make her forestall, he explains that Dadi is first-rate and there may be no harm, he says that he only delivered her because what he saw become disgusting and it changed into not the proper way he stopped Prithvi, she thinks that she additionally thought the same aspect.
He apologizes her for coming in among, Dadi comes and ask them to come back together with her as his moms and dads are doing numerous awkward things.
Bi jee asks Mahesh to bring Rakhi down, Rishab comes, Mahesh receives relieved that his son will save him however je additionally gets curiousof Mahesh movements.
Dadi scolds Mahesh for doing such factor, Rishab also says the same issue, he gets very angry and asks them to now not say such things and he’ll sit if you want to decide, Dadi asks for a divorce, she says that’s he has now not relation,Rishab also takes the facet of Rakhi, Sarla ask her to now not do one of these thing as he is her son, Rakhi says that she does no longer need to divorce him due to the fact he is her husband, Preeta says that she idea that he changed into having an affair so she wanted to divorce him, he ask if he agreed to marry her then she would believe that he loves her simplest.
She explains that Rakhi is a superb person and has a whole lot of recognize so he ought to marry her, he also is of the same opinion and receives down on his knees to offering to her, Rishab receives frightened and closes his eyes, Shrishti comes asking all of them to come down and the overall performance will soon start, they all cross downstairs.
Prithvi is thinking that his Holi cannot be complete without Preeta, Sherlin assume that she can embarrass Preeta in front of absolutely everyone, Chachi comes from at the back of her asking what hatred crammed plan is she taking into account now.
everybody is sitting on the table and each Sameer and Tanvi snigger after seeing Rakhi, Preeta sees Preeta asking her to come with him, he takes her apart and is about to position colorings on her, Rishab comes and holds his hand asking if he’ll no longer play Holi with him. Prithvi says that they have played Holi earlier than, Rishab however makes fun of him and asks Preeta to place a teeka on him as in any other case he will also neglect this. Manisha walks up behind them and receives very angry seeing Preeta and Rishab. Sherlin thinks that she can kill each of them these days and it is going to be their closing Holi.
Rishab makes and excuse and sends Preeta away, Manisha is likewise taken through her band contributors, Preeta asks Mahesh if he called him, Rehab also walks in, he explains that he concept she might be able to calm Rakhi as she is drugged, but she is fine, he thinks that he is aware of that Rishab lied to her but he made his lie a fact.
The performance starts offevolved, Prithvi comes and stands in among Preeta and Rishab, Rishab gets very worried, the dance maintains with its complete swing, they take out their knives and start to throw them on the goal.
Rishab sees Prithvi standing close to preset and isn’t capable of bear it, he walks to her different facet. Manisha throws the knife and it hits Rishab on his hand, she gets involved that she was now not capable of kill him but thinks that she will leave best after killing him.
Dadi and all of us involves Rishab, he says that he is first-rate but she asks Preeta to take him upstairs and bandage his hand, Prithvi thinks that if a person tried to kill him then he must have died.
Dadi is going to scold the dancers and does now not pay attention to their apology, everybody takes Rishab to his room, Samer enables him take out his shirt, Preeta asks Shrishti to bring the first useful resource field however Rishab hearing that he might be given an injection receives simply scared and pressurizes that he does no longer need any medicinal drug.
Rishab demands that he does no longer need the medicine, he asks her to not supply him the injection, she begins to use the drugs, he says that it’s miles great and there is no want for injection. He acts that it’s far paining, he request Preeta to not supply him the shot because he’s scared from it, she says that she can follow it even if she did jot deliberate to do it. He thinks that he’s going to drink potion if it’s far her who gives it to him.

Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya episode update: Manisha goes to the kitchen and is mixing poison when Rakhi comes, she gets scared seeing Manisha in her house.


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