Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rishab was within the birthday celebration, he comes to stand except Boss’ son. Boss’ son says he appreciated a girl in the birthday party. Rishab says she is his Dadi’s physiotherapist. Boss’ son says he also desires a physiotherapy. He comes to speak to Preeta and offers her work in his center. He complements that Preeta’s smile is first-rate, which enamel paste she uses. Preeta watches Karan and laughs out loud. Rishab speak with Karan that his teach’s son seems to be an professional in joking. Karan was stressed and decides to listen. Rishab shows about keeping a dignity. Karan tells Rishab to keep his, but the brothers determine to overhear from at the back of the wall. behind the wall, Karan and Rishab couldn’t listen anything. They spot Preeta and Boss’ son had moved at a distance. Rishab thinks Preeta in no way cares for everybody however them, why she is speakme to a guy like Boss’ son. Karan thinks approximately commenting her makeover. Preeta and Boss’ son have been playing snacks collectively. Sameer and Shrishti come over to disperse each Rishab and Karan. Preeta without delay takes a go away from the fellow.

Shrishti brings Karan to a corner and requests him 15k. Karan arms his card at once. Shrishti changed into moved that he didn’t inquires the motive. Karan says he is aware of she should want them for injection. Shrishti says the injections have were given expensive. Karan asks who might administer the injection, Shrishti pulls her tongue out and says at least she can discover ways to administer injection this manner. Shrishti asks what vital task Karan got. Karan doesn’t give an explanation for some thing to Shrishti, and tells her not to head alone.

Sarla changed into within the automobile. She cries wondering Sherlin is a devil, and that man who married Sherlin is a larger evil. Prithvi become using a vehicle, and curt that everything went to perfect. Sherlin handiest needed to marry him at the day in their bachelor party. He thinks only Sarla loves him at Preeta’s residence, how he can harm Sarla. She treats him extremely well. He wonders what to do now, he ought to stop Sarla from creating a bomb blast. He thinks the car goes on a quick-reduce street, what if Sarla is there in that vehicle and is headed to Luthra residence. He took another route and spots Sarla inside the automobile. Sarla was crying inside the car and regrets now not being able to see the groom. Whoever he turned into, he changed into a satan. Prithvi calls his goon and tells him to stop that auto; he has to simplest indulge her. Sherlin gets a name from Prithvi. Prithvi tells her about an idea to be accomplished. They ought to attain Luthra residence before Sarla can attain. He would inform the similarly plan once they attain Luthra house.

At Luthra house, Shrishti overhears Sameer giggling and coming over with a woman. Sameer attempts to prevent Shrishti, she become indignant and tells him to come back over. She asks if Sameer has a while for her, Sameer replies he has all of the time. Shrishti insists on him to observe her. the opposite female comes to question Shrishti. Sameer fears a Mahabharata. Shrishti became offensive on the lady’s misbehavior. Shrishti warns her to stay away. Sameer takes Shrishti for anything crucial speak she had. He pulls her away.

Boss’ son follows Preeta. Preeta says she is getting a little uncomfortable right here within the crowd, he’s although used to stay in the events. She is going for a minor ruin. Rishab and Karan come following Preeta and the guy.

Shrishti and Sameer were within the automobile. Shrishti became curt why he continually wander around that Tanvi. Sameer asks her about the guidelines. Shrishti feared Tanvi wants to snatch him. Sameer stops the auto, and asks her where she needs to go. Shrishti tells him to take a right. Shrishti says even Sameer was sweet, but now he changes his colour . Sameer apologizes Shrishti. Shrishti doesn’t accept scolding him. Shrishti subsequently tells Sameer they need a few medicines.

Rishab and Karan discuss Preeta become being a bit over-friendly with the guy. he’s a bit worried as he in no way saw Preeta recover from franked. Karan regarded disappointed, then accepts his mistake.

PRECAP: Preeta reveals the fellow inside the kitchen and asks if he wishes some thing. He attempts to annoy Preeta, Preeta slaps him.


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