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Prithvi explains that Sherlin is little tensed after what happened to her on the occasion. Preeta asks them to prevent saying that the poison changed into combined because the paper may be very red and it changed into sincerely blended. Karina and anybody also pressure Ganesh to think of everybody who may have blended the poison, he says that there a lady who was inside the kitchen and he concept she was looking to thieve some thing. they all get concerned thinking of who might be that woman who is trying to harm Rishab and so they all move out of doors to locate the dancer.once they attain out of doors absolutely everyone is deliberating who could have accomplished this sort of thing, Prithvi thinks that it is Sherlin and vice versa, Dadi plans to kill the girl who is making an attempt to do this kind of issue, Rishab says for this she should first trap her and they all cross. Manisha is on foot pronouncing that she cannot be caught so without problems and could handiest go away after killing the person that is responsible for Rithwik demise.
Mahesh is with Rakhi inside the mattress and wondering why do girls drink Bhang after they can’t manage it, he wonders that even Chachi’s drink isn’t working, simply then she wakes up, Rakhi sks Mahesh if all people noticed her at the same time as she changed into drink, he says that everybody witnessed her, she receives embarrassed, she says that she noticed Manisha and they each run tow arn absolutely everyone.
everyone is asking and they’re not capable of find everybody they all decide that they ought to call the police, Samer also calls the head of the dancers, Karina is set to call the [police however Rishab attempts to forestall her however Preeta says that he must allow them to call the [police, Karina is going to call them.
Preeta asks Shrishti to head and check the cameras to discover the girl who attempted to kill Rishab, Tanvi also tries to assist but she refuses and even gets loud along with her, Preeta is forced to interfere so Dadi sends Samer with them as he knows the guests. Dadi says that he need to no longer argue with Preeta due to the fact the whole lot that Preeta says is to assist him as she si involved for him,, = Sherlin additionally tries to act that she cares for him however is stopped via Prithvi when he sees that’s he’s beginning to overreact. Chachi sees this from the nook.
Manisha is on foot whilst Janki stops her forcing her to take her to the corridor, but when she refuses Janki threatens her and tries to get rid of her veil to which she pushes her away and runs from the region, she is on foot while she sees Karan mendacity on the bed dozing, she surprise’s that she will take revenge from him for being Rishab’s brother, just then Karina comes with Ganesh and is educating him that he must now not let anyone come into the room, she enters asking Kartika if she is ok, she then asks her to return with her ordering Ganesh to lock the door from internal and in no way open the door if he’s suspicious. She says that they could take precautions in preference to being sorry due to the fact the female can also harm Karan. She walks away and Manisha could be very angry that Karina has spoiled her plan.
Preeta and Rishab are with he dancers,all of them lead them to realise that they are no longer concerned they all display them their face, Shrishti then comes with the inspector, he asks Rishab what has came about, he says that he changed into taking part in the celebration when he become hit with a knife and then changed into also attempted to be poisoned, he could have died if no longer for Preeta, he says that he noticed they have plenty of cameras hooked up so he would really like to see their footage, Shrishti says that she and Samer have already checked the photos and have not observed some thing this is suspicious , he however says that he might still like the footage with every body.
Sherlin is taking walks whilst she hears some thing from and leans to look what is taking place, it is Preeta with the interceptor, they point out a woman who turned into not with the institution of dancers whom they had been questioning, he inspector says that the lady need to be the only who has performed all this, he gets a name and is very involved, he says that Manisha has escaped from the police station, all people gets genuinely tensed.

Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya episode update: Sherlin says to Prithvi that what will he do whilst Manisha reveals out that it was him who killed Rithwik. She hears this from in the back of the door, everyone is in the corridor, and Manisha comes and tries to stab Prithvi with a knife.


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