Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sherlin is strolling when Prithvi pulls her as aide asking why did she say the ones things to Preeta because she knows that Rishab has feelings for her, Sherlin but could be very mad and says that’s he receives mad while she sees him searching at Preeta with loved filled eyes so she can from now on do what she feels and he need to do what he likes.
Prithvi is bowled over to see what Sherlin has just said and plans to know what is going on in her mind.
Rakhi confuses Manisha and wonders if it is her dream and that Manisha turned into in jail, she right away hides, Mahesh takes her away she thanks her good fortune but Ganesh sees her asking her the purpose why she is her, she pleads that’s eh just came to drink water but he isn’t convinced and asks her to leave in any other case he will call the police, she leaves wondering

that she has carried out what she got here to do and now none will be capable of keep Rishab.
Preeta is speaking with eh medical doctor on her smartphone and thanking him for his help, she comes and apologizes to Rishab for giving him the injection, he says that he handiest got nervous because no now has ordered him like this earlier than, jus then Sherlin comes and gets simply rude together with her, Rishab scolds her for speakme like this to a woman, Prithvi also comes and begin to speak rudely along with her, they both get right into a combat however Preeta is not capable of recognize what’s occurring.
Tanvi, and Samer are each remembering their past events and having certainly exact time, Shrishti is but simply jealous, Samer takes her car keys and then says that he’s going to power the car, Shrishti thinks that she can not let anyone are available in among them and so hints her and herself sits within the front seat.
Preeta asks what is happening, Sherlin request Rishab to take her aspect, he but says that he does no longer apprehend what’s going on, Preeta says that she can now not make an apology to her for some thing that she would possibly have stated to her, Prithvi begins to shout but Rishab makes him cross quiet and gets truely loud.
just then Samer comes with the medicine, Shrishti makes him sit down and Ganesh additionally comes with milk, they all attempt to make him drink it however just when he is about to drink it spills, Preeta has the last glass, Sherlin takes it from her hand and gives it to Rishab, she but due to the fact the paper has gone red fast jumps and throws the glass away, when Rishab asks why she did it, she says that there may be poison in it due to the fact the paper has long past examine and it should be blue.
Dadi ask Karina what it could be, Karina says that she may be very involved due to the fact even the Pandit has stated that there could be some thing incorrect with his Kundali and so they have to get him married.
Rishab and all of us is very tensed asking Preeta how she knows that there may be poison in his drink, she says that the vipes in her kit became pink and they all characteristic the same way like a litmus paper and so she is aware of that there poison, Sherlin asks how it is able to be, Karina says that it could take place while there is some thing wrong with the Kundli and it is able to occur, Rishab however explains to her that is not anything like that.
Dadi and Rishab try and make Sherlin comprehend that Preeta could not have achieved anything to hurt Rishab, she is constantly blaming Preeta, Rishab warns her that if she wants to marry he then she must not say whatever like this.
Preeta say that he should not forestall her due to the fact she has no feelings, Prithvi additionally ask her to remain calms due to the fact Sherlin is probably disturbed after the incident that took place to her.
Precap: Preeta asks Ganesh if a person came to him when he changed into making the milk, he answers that a lady got here and he knows who she turned into, Chachi sees Prithvi holding Sherlin’s hand.


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