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Maira comes asking Kartika whilst she came again, she asks her regarding her studies. She mentions that it’s far all going excellent and she or he feels that she will be able to have to go away the residence sincerely quickly, Kartika gets tensed asking why she feels like this, she asks her to loosen up saying that she can depart after entering into because she feels that she has completed properly inside the front check. Maria says that she feels something is extraordinary in the residence, the environment isn’t like it changed into earlier than and she or he is likewise hesitant to get Karan’s autograph inside the book,, Kartika takes it asking her to come to karats room, she refuses and is adamant to take Maira to him, she calms her down explaining that Karan will never refuse. They attain the hall, Karan is awaking questioning what he can do to prevent the wedding, Kartika asks him to give Maira his autograph however he refuses, she ask Kartika what is wrong with him, she explains that he is tormented by hyper anxiety, and the motive can not be explained.

Sherlin is constantly calling Prithvi, he isn’t picking up, she wonders why is he marrying Preeta even when she requested him to lower back out, she vows to not let him cheat, she thinks of calling him with someone else telephone, she asks Ganesh to offer her the cellular, he is hesitant however she scolds him, asking that he cross do his work, she understand that he is aware of she will be able to name him with a person else telephone which is why he isn’t answering, she offers again his phone after deleting the number, she vows to do some thing which she has not performed as she is the deceiver.

Karan is walking angrily questioning that he will now not allow her marry Prithvi due to the fact now he’ll do all that he can to forestall the wedding,
Shrishti is also planning to do anything to stop the marriage.

Sarla enters Preeta’s room wondering what Janki said to her that she does not need Preeta to marry Prithvi, she is status Preeta asks her what she has to mention, she explains that she has made a mistake and even while the kids do not trust it the dad and mom still have made a few mistake, Preeta does now not apprehend she asks her what she is saying, Sarla says that she came to call the bride upon the Pandit’s request but she isn’t always capable of find her daughter as she could be very tensed. She mentions that Preeta smile become what made her glad however she can not see her on this despair, she ask her what is that thing which she is hiding, Preeta refuses that there may be whatever.

Janki stops her from mendacity to her mom, Sarla provides that she can do something for her daughters with out worrying for what the society will say and that she has the electricity for plenty of factors, Preeta says that she is not tensed regarding this marriage as she is glad and feels blessed to marry him, Janki refuses to accept it saying that he’s unwell mannered as she blamed her for having some relation with Karan while she went with him, Sarla stops her mentioning that it’s far between her and Preeta. Preeta solutions that he had made a mistake however also apologized for it, not not like Karan who made an excellent larger mistake just to punish her for a small component.

Rishab is asking Karan however he does no longer solution, Rishab sees the album on his mattress, he calls her Karan answers it asking what the problem, he asks in which he’s as he desired to talk to Karan, Karan says that he goes on a protracted drive, Rishab asks him to prevent lying, Karan explains that he is going to fulfill a woman and do something with a purpose to be a cayuse of alleviation for his coronary heart, Rishab request that eh do something without hurting himself, Rishab requests that he calm down and do what he feels, Rishab is happy to realize that Karan is doing what he likes unlike him who does not realize what is happening, Karan plans to hurt Preeta to the quantity that she will not be able to marry him.

Preeta leaves the room, Janki stops Sarla informing that Preeta remains speaking of Karan whilst she is about to marry Prithvi, Sarla gets irritated explaining that she would have instructed her while she asked her. Janki thinks that she would have instructed her if she knew it herself however Preeta continues to be blind to her feelings.

Rakhi asks dadi how the new doctor is and if she liked her, Karina explains that she may be very expert and her feels that Dadi can be better very quickly.

Sherlin comes down wondering that she can do something to give up the wedding with Preeta as she desires Prithvi to best continue to be along with her.

Rakhi asks dadi if she is ok, Dadi thinks of what Sherlin stated inside the health center concerning Preeta, she answers that she not desires Preeta and could get used to the brand new health practitioner, she leaves to go and test on Mahesh, Karina orders Ganesh to take the glass of water to Mahesh’s room. Rakhi informs that she felt dadi become disenchanted. Karina asks Sherlin where she goes.

Precap: Preeta and Prithvi are appearing the marriage rituals, Karan receives irritated to look them from at the back of the corner.


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