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Preeta is crying and sits on the bench, Karan and Rishab each come ad seeing her get very tensed, Rishab sits with her announcing that she should now not cry because they’re with them, she mentions in the event that they had no longer come then she might have now not been safe, eh assures that they are usually with her and will be there for her like a chum, he explains that he is and could constantly remain with her irrespective of the state of affairs. Karan receives tensed and annoyed and additionally leaves. Rishab is going after him.

Janki is taking walks whilst Ganesh greets her, she stops and questioning thinks that when Ganesh identified her then why did Sherlin become no longer recognizable, Janki from the corner concentrate to the words of Sanjana, she wonders why they’re mendacity because she changed into the only sitting on the nook table. She wonders why they are lying so she makes a decision to call her.

Rishab stops Karan asking why did he act like this and the cause for being rude, he says that she ought to neglect all that occurred together with her as they did what any person need to do, Rishab ask him to relax however he says that he’s going to go and speak with Preeta himself he leaves and Rishab receives annoyed questioning why Karan in no way listens to him.
The goons are seeing Sarla and are surprised to see her velocity, they each communicate of the way their plans have been spoiled after which move after Sarla.
Shrishti is with Sameer, he is very scared and asks her to chill out however she does now not listen and attempts to scare her with the aid of threatening that he’ll talk to Preeta, she however doers no longer listen to him and starts to drive even more rashly.

Karan goes to Preeta and starts offevolved to scold her by pronouncing that she talked with him for making him jealous, he explains that she need to not try this and have a few sense, she however begins to weep even more and simply whilst he says that he will be together with her all of the time and attempt to shield her at any given factor in time, Rishab comes asking him to stay quiet in any other case eh will lock him inside the room. he give an explanation for to Karan that he need to no longer be so impolite with Preeta, she has a coronary heart and feels pain, he asks her to chill out and correct his blunders, he is of the same opinion and then is going after Preeta.

Prithvi is in the room and really angry as to why turned into his human beings no longer able to stop Sarla, simply then Sherlin is available in asking what befell and what’s his plan, he says that he has his fans after her, she is caught on a avenue with the intention to cayuse her remarkable difficulty and she will come nicely after the party. She starts offevolved to argue with him, he gets really annoyed pronouncing that she continually makes mistakes after which he has to correct them. She have to start to take obligation for her movements. She again threaten him and begins to shout, which makes him go towards her.

Preeta goes to the balcony and continues to be weeping, Karan comes and attempts to wipe out her tears but she pushes him away making him fell that she isn’t always inquisitive about his assist. He warns her to now not communicate like this with him, she says that she does no longer want to talk to him, he isn’t a pleasant person due to the fact she observed his task and went to speak with a man who she did not even knew, she additionally desires him to now not boast himself due to the fact she feels that eh is vital however this doesn’t imply that she likes him, she also needs to speak to him and be his pal but does now not like him at all, he also says that he does not like her but want her to remain his friend.

She turns her face away, he gets curious asking what has took place, she says that she does now not need to speak with him, she is already very angry and if she gets extra indignant then he’ll no longer be capable of stay her pal, he walks around her and then retaining his ears apologizes also assuring that it’s going to now not appear once more, she forgives him, he maintain her face.

Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya Episode Update: Shrishti is driving very rapid, Samer asks her to prevent seeing a person strolling on the road, she applies the damage and receives worried since it’s miles Sarla.


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