Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarla asks the driver to hurry, he explains that they may be touring on the hyperlink street and cannot move any quicker. The hired goons places pins on the road and then hurriedly go into the timber and hide the auto, Sarla ask him what the matter is he says that the car got punctured, Sarla says that she has to receives to a place, and giving him money leaves.
Prithvi’s goons determined to name and tell Prithvi that they’ve achieved their part of the paintings and his mother in regulation is coming strolling.
Prithvi is in the party and very angry, he calls Sherlin, pronouncing that Sarla is still caught on the manner, she gets angry and says that he must do some thing to kill Sara, Prithvi explains that he is taking into consideration a plan however doesn’t recognize what is occurring, Sherlin sees her mother and ask him to give up the decision, the waiter comes asking him for his cellphone but he says that he goes from the birthday celebration so he’s going to no longer provide his telephone.
She comes asking Sherlin what is happening in her lifestyles, she also fells that something is going which is in reality awful, she questions her but Sherlin makes her mom worried asking her to smile and overlook about it because she can now not like it. She ask that her mom lie about higher being inside the birthday celebration all of the time and she or he changed into no longer able to apprehend her. She ask what has came about within the birthday party in her absence.
Shrishti and Samer are both within the car, she does now not communicate to him and he starts to make her nervous by way of playing a tune, she but gets angry and stops it, she says that she concept if not speakme to him but via the speed of huis automobile she feels that they may no longer attain the store in time, so he need to accelerate, Samer but gets jealous saying that he is aware of she doesn’t understand a way to force, She says that she has a pal who will help her and take her to the store, he stops the automobile and she or he taking the keys is going to the store, so she taking the auto drives very speedy.
Preeta is ingesting water when Karan’s pal comes and attempts to take advantage of her, Preeta receives frightened and attempts to interrupt loose, Karan comes and slaps him, he attempts to mention bad things for Preeta but Karan maintain on slapping him, He receives again talking sick of Preeta, Rishab comes and they each drag him out of the house and warn him that he should not do some thing of the kind, he says that Preeta become already inquisitive about him, Karan receives really pissed off and once more slaps him, he’s taking her pinnacle Preeta making him make an apology to her forcefully, Preeta says thanks and is going back crying.
The celebration is in full swing, Prithvi enters as a guest and bumps into Mahesh, he says that he did not see him, he compliments that every one the girls will run after him, he also asks dadi to wear such garments greater often because she looks young, Sherlin comes announcing that she turned into dancing with the dancers,
He mentions that she turned into searching very good even as dancing with the dancers, dadi asks wherein he became due to the fact she didn’t experience his presence, he explains that he turned into not able to get space on the degree so turned into status some distance away while cheering for her, dadi gets worn-out and leaves saying to Mahesh that she is completed. He additionally comes to a decision to join her.
Prithvi compliments Mahesh even extra, he additionally shows greater steps, Mahesh goes away, Janki thinks that’s he did now not see Prithvi within the birthday party and he’s telling all and sundry that he changed into here for quite a while. Sherlin and Prithvi come closer, Janki wonders what is going on among them.
Precap: Preeta is crying, Karan tries to explain that he saved her from and there him out from the house because he attempted to take advantage of her.


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