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Karan receives Preeta’s photograph he isn’t always able to look away and gets into an twist of fate, while he receives out it’s miles Prithvi who comes out of the opposite car, he asks why did he try this due to the fact he changed into going to get married, he taunts her by way of pronouncing that he thought why Karan has no longer met him, he asks why Karan isn’t always announcing whatever, has he gotten deaf, Karan thinks of what Preeta stated to him that she will not end the wedding also preferring him over Karan, Prithvi doesn’t let him leave, threatening that it’s far his closing day and he need to now not threaten Preeta anymore otherwise he’ll must bear the effect as he is marrying her, he warns him to live faraway from Preeta as he has misplaced all of the rights over her, he explains that it’s miles his proper to be with her and even sleep together with her, Karan gets angry also hitting him, he says that he can do it because he could be very happy, Prithvi also offers to pay for his damages.

Karan gets angry pronouncing that he may be very rich and has no need for his money, also explaining that he likes he can purchase 1000 humans like him, Prithvi is going to his vehicle and takes out the turban he says to the driving force to head away also mentioning that he’ll meet Karan after marrying Preeta.
Karan is left status alone within the rain, he thinks o how used to combat with Preeta however also loved each and every second.

Sarla asks the people to hurry as the barrat will come and the whole lot is out of order, she asks Shrishti to peer if the dry culmination have come, she orders her to go to the kitchen and she will deliver them, She however calls Samer asking if he has sold the hampers, he says that he has despatched them but will now not come to the marriage as everyone isn’t always coming because of the situation that is prevailing between them, he tries to provide an explanation for but she doesn’t concentrate caution that if he doesn’t come than she will be able to not speak to him, Dadi is status inside the corner questioning that she might go to the wedding and no longer deprive her of the rights.

Dadi asks Kartika to put together her get dressed as she wants to visit the marriage, all of us is stunned, Sherlin thinks that they do no longer that there is no wedding and the Aroras can be in problem, Rishab explains that they’ve discussed it that they will now not cross, Sherlin also comes taking side of Preeta. Karan but comes mentioning that she doesn’t want their l benefits, she has determined to marry Prithvi and he goes to marry her, he’s no0t a pleasant individual or even inside the bridal get dressed is not searching pleasant, he leaves even when Rishab asks him to stay calm.

The female are ready, Prithvi comes together with his family contributors, they greet him then run to Preeta asking if she additionally desires to study her groom, she declines and then they go away the room to again move and meet Prithvi.

Preeta is ready she gets a message from Karan who asks if she is satisfied, she begins to cry seeing it, he once more sends another message which says that she is marrying someone who is not a very good individual or even if she is not happy she has decided her fate, he explains that he could be very happy. Preeta starts to cry, Janki comes seeing whom she wipes her tears, Janki ask if that ends her pains he can do it however then she must inform her if she does no longer need to marry Prithvi then she can do something to prevent the marriage despite the fact that it method that she get paralyzed.

Preeta request her to prevent due to the fact they’re satisfied and this has happened after a long term, Janki pleads her to no longer stop her dreams, Preeta explains that they do not have plenty of cash so need to now not think over their heads, additionally if they have a dream it is not necessary that it receives fulfilled which results in pain if the dream does not training session the way they want, she asks that they cannot get the moon although they choice so it ends that they simply need to make peace with seeing the light, this is all that they could do.

Preeta asks her what is wrong with Prithvi as everybody likes him, she says that he is not worthy of her, she explains that she has made peace and could live with the matters that Prithvi is missing, her cousin comes informing that he has come to the marriage hall, Preeta informs Janki that Pari and those type of stories aren’t actual in order that they must now not consider it, she can get married with him.

Precap: Sarla asks Preeta why she is tensed, she however refuses to mention anything, Shrishti stops Prithvi from getting into the corridor saying that she will wreck him and make him pay.


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