Kundali Bhagya 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarla is holding the telephone attempting to call Prithvi yet he isn’t noting she ponders when the barrat is arriving, Prithvi is in his room and goes to take his garments imagining that he had a fantasy of wedding Preeta yet Sherlin has destroyed everything by compromising him and he needs to wed her without contemplating the results. His mom accompanies the dress that they have purchased for Preeta, she inquires as to why he isn’t dressed, Prithvi requests that her leave yet when she doesn’t go he drives her out of the room, he tosses the Thali in disappointment yet gets stressed as he needs to wed her, he begins to stare off into space of her, h imagines that he started to see her notwithstanding when she isn’t here which implies that he adores her, he gets determined to wed her regardless of the result. He believes that he won’t pick yet rather have a connection with them two, he needs to be with Preeta in the wake of wedding her.

Bi jee wishes Preeta that she never have any issues throughout her life and those that even come should come on their doorstep. Shrishti likewise lauds her for her magnificence, Sarla comes referencing that she has conversed with Prithvi’s mom and they are headed, inquiring as to whether everybody is prepared, she is left stunned in the wake of seeing Preeta.

Shrishti ponders that Preeta is looking extremely flawless and in the event that she sends her photograph to Karan, at that point he will realize what he has lost, Sarla asks Bi jee to accompany her as they need to take care of the plans. Shrishti is searching for the system, Preeta ask what the issue is and for what good reason does she need it, Preeta requests her telephone yet she is reluctant to offer it to her.

Rakhi is with the specialist in Mahesh room, she inquires as to whether everything is okay, he clarifies that Mahesh is in a genuine condition, there are next to no odds of his survival. Karan blows up with him yelling that he leave the room, Rishab comes yelling at him to quiet down, he clarifies that the specialist has spared their dad and he is eminent, he was the person who brought him back, Rishab requests that he stay solid, causing him to understand that when Mahesh will wake what will he believe that he surrendered, Rishab requests that he remain solid.

Rishab apologizes to the specialist clarifying that his sibling gets passionate, the specialist additionally apologizes for his impolite words, he teaches them to bring a few prescriptions, Karan leaves the room, he achieves the entryway where he gets the wedding card, Karan blows up and consumes it before any other individual comes and he kicks the welcome box.

Preeta powers Shrishti to demonstrate her the telephone she gets stressed when she sees that she is sending the photograph to Karan, anyway she doesn’t do it and the photograph goes to Karan, she asks her for what valid reason did she do it, Shrishti clarifies that she send it since she needs him to acknowledge what he has lost and feel stressed, she leaves without tuning in to anything.

Precap: Janki requests that her state it once that she wouldn’t like to wed Prithvi and they will flee. Prithvi is provoking Karan that he will wed Preeta.


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