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The girls go to see the groom, Shrishti says that the goon has come, her uncle asks to whom she is saying this terrible call, she refuse to mention something, Sarla asks them to rush as she goes to receive them.

Sarla goes to obtain them, she begins to take his aarti and while he attempts to bow to take her blessings she does not allow him, his mother begins to comic story along with her announcing that he might not apprehend her after taking her daughter, he but explains that he has numerous admire for her as she loves Preeta, he says that he is lucky as now he has two moms, all of them starts to speak, he ask Shrishti if she said some thing, she ask him to get out however then asks him to fulfill her cousins, whilst he is set to enter she stoops him bringing up that he will be best allowed to enter with tune.

They all enter, a person enters with a present accompanied by using some goons, then Abhay Singh he ask wherein the person went, whilst they are saying that he went within the hall, he asks to discover him before they take him returned. He bumps into Sarla who asks who he’s, he explains that he became sent through the decorator so he’s going to accurate the vegetation.
Sarla leaves and he is going forward, Prithvi stops him asking who he is, he explains that he’s busy and could come after a while.

Shrishti enters Preeta room, announcing that she has gotten worn-out however she does not concentrate, if she doesn’t need to marry Karan then need to now not however have to give up her marriage with Prithvi, Bubbly enters the room however is hesitant and apologizes, she asks them in the event that they have seen Abhay Singh who has come to kidnap someone, Shrishti plans to invite him to also take Prithvi.
Bubbly is curious of Preeta’s will to marry Prithvi and asks if she is ok, she solutions that it does not rely and they ought to marry one or the other, bubbly mentions that it is the matter of lifetime and if she marries someone who’s caring then will have a glad life.

The cousins come informing that a person has locked the grooms room, Bubbly informs that it is going to be the work of Abhay, she is going to the room, Abhay asks his fans to rush as Bubbly has arrived, she knocks on the door ordering that he open it, Abhay asks his guys to take the person to the station and he’s going to come, he opens the door making excuses for the reason of no longer commencing the door.
The characteristic begins to transport in full swing and Shrishti joins the dance with Bubbly and Abhay Singh, whilst the dance is over Preeta asks her why she wanted to marry Abhay even if she knows that he is not like her, she replies that she has a few reference to him due to which she had determined to marry him and is positive that they’ll love it and have blast, Sarla blesses them with a satisfied life.
Sherlin calls Prithvi she wonders why he isn’t always answering her name, and the motive for marrying Preeta even if she asked him to returned out, Rishab comes asking her to observe the drugs of his father, she refuses to listen and leaves.

Karan thinks why she said this and it’s miles because of Preeta, who does no longer even care that they are feeling damaged, she has insulted them and because of her, issues are beginning to get up in Rishab’s and Sherlin’s dating.

Preeta requests Janki to cease the dialogue due to the fact there may be no point, she can now not be capable of marry Karan and goes to be Prithvi’s spouse, Janki pleads that she listen to her coronary heart as she will now not be able to live a glad existence with someone like Prithvi so ought to be wide minded. Janki explains that he’s frustrated so she should communicate with him, Preeta requests that she not communicate of it as she has common her destiny. Janki wonders what she can do to cause them to recognise that they still love each different, Preeta stops her from announcing something similarly as Sarla is coming. She enters the room asking what occurred, Sarla asks what passed off, they both refuse to say whatever, Sarla explains that the characteristic is ready to start and she will soon come to take her, she asks Janki to come and assist her with the preparations. Preeta is left burdened.

Precap: The Doctor informs Rakhi that he fears Mahesh won’t wake form the coma she requests that he no longer say something to her own family, Sherlin is inside the kitchen questioning that she will now not let Prithvi deceive her.


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