Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Inspector tells Rishab that Manisha has escaped form the police station and she has come back.
Sherlin immediately calls Prithvi, when they reach the room she say that Manisha has come back to the house, he starts to tease her, she says that he must not act so confident because she came to kill those who were behind the murder of Rithwik so she first tried to kill Rishab then she will also kill Preeta as she is the only one who Manisha hates.
Rakhi is walking when Mahesh asks her where she is heading she says that’s she is going to warn her family because Manisha has come to take revenge, she tries to say that she is not a good mother because she was not able to catch Manisha.
Prithvi and Sherlin are talking when they hear everyone coming, he runs out and ask them what the matteris, Preeta explains everything mentioning that Manisha has come back to hurt them so they must find themselves, Inspector says that they have seen that Manisha has come to the house and they will find her because she has not left the house.
Sarla is talking with Bi jee on the phone who says that she brought Janki back home because she was really drunk, Sarla says that this is the same ways she acts when she drinks the syrup, Bi je gets angry and ends the phone call, Shrishti and Dadi come saying that they are really tensed because Manisha has fled from the police station.
Karan is dizzy and is coming down to the hall, Chachi takes him aside saying that he must not let Rishab be married to Sherlin because she is not a good person and is about to become a mother, however she takes back the claim because Rishab said that he was with her in the room, Karan asks her to not mix two things because they all know that Sherlin was pregnant long before, she ask him to make sure that they both not get married.
In the hall everyone is worried and figuring what to do, Karan seeing the police runs towards them asking what the matter is, Samer says that he will explain everything. Mentioning each and everything, he says that the girl who tried to kill Rishab is no other than Manisha and she is in their house, Karan asks them to not get into a discussion and instead look for Manisha because she is in the hall, Prithvi is standing with Preeta when he sees Manisha standing in the corner, she runs towards him and tries to wound and kill him with a knife however her hand slips and she misses her mark, she then turns her attention and also tries to kill her at which point Shrishti comes from behind and hits her making her unconscious.
Prithvi says that the inspector was right and she is very dangerous and when he saw that she was coming to hurt Preeta he came in between them and took the hit, Karan does not trust him asking why would she only target him wondering what the relation is, he says that she came to kill her because she said that she will first kill those who love Preeta and then finally kill her, he taunts Karan for nit being related to her because if that was the case she would surely have come to harm him also, Rishab says that they didn’t hear anything of the sort, he explains that it was when they were coming back from the corridor and that is where he heard her saying it.
Karan however says that he does not believe it. Prithvi says that she is a very dangerous girl and first tried to harm Rishab and when she failed she targeted Karan and that is when Preeta stopped her and she came to harm her again. Sarla thanks him, he says that he is about to become the husband of Preeta and so is ready to take many number of wounds for her. Rishab however says that there is no need for him to do such acts.

Precap; Preeta asks Manisha whys eh targeted her, she however says that she came to kill Prithvi because he was the one who killed Rithwik, and the mastermind for whom they were searching is also her beloved soon to be husband Prithvi.


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