Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prithvi explains that Sherlin is little tensed after what occurred to her at the event. Preeta asks them to stop announcing that the poison was mixed due to the fact the paper is very red and it turned into certainly mixed. Karina and all of us additionally pressure Ganesh to think of all people who might have blended the poison, he says that there a woman who was inside the kitchen and he concept she was looking to steal some thing. all of them get worried taking into consideration who will be that female who is attempting to harm Rishab and so all of them move outdoor to locate the dancer.
after they reach outside anyone is considering who ought to have performed this type of element, Prithvi thinks that it is Sherlin and vice versa, Dadi plans to kill the female who is attempting to do this type of issue, Rishab says for this she ought to first catch her and all of them move. Manisha is walking pronouncing that she can not be stuck so effortlessly and will handiest leave after killing the person who is liable for Rithwik death.
Mahesh is with Rakhi inside the bed and thinking why do ladies drink Bhang once they can’t manage it, he wonders that even Chachi’s drink isn’t always working, simply then she wakes up, Rakhi sks Mahesh if each person saw her while she become drink, he says that everybody witnessed her, she gets embarrassed, she says that she saw Manisha and that they each run tow arn all and sundry.
every person is calling and they’re now not able to discover all of us they all decide that they ought to call the police, Samer also calls the pinnacle of the dancers, Karina is about to call the [police but Rishab attempts to stop her however Preeta says that he must let them call the [police, Karina is going to call them.
Preeta asks Shrishti to head and check the cameras to discover the woman who attempted to kill Rishab, Tanvi also tries to assist but she refuses or even receives loud together with her, Preeta is compelled to intervene so Dadi sends Samer with them as he is aware of the guests. Dadi says that he need to now not argue with Preeta due to the fact the entirety that Preeta says is to assist him as she si involved for him,, = Sherlin additionally tries to behave that she cares for him but is stopped by Prithvi whilst he sees that’s he’s starting to overreact. Chachi sees this from the corner.
Manisha is walking when Janki stops her forcing her to take her to the hall, however whilst she refuses Janki threatens her and attempts to put off her veil to which she pushes her away and runs from the place, she is taking walks whilst she sees Karan lying on the bed napping, she surprise’s that she will take revenge from him for being Rishab’s brother, simply then Karina comes with Ganesh and is teaching him that he ought to now not let everyone come into the room, she enters asking Kartika if she is okay, she then asks her to come back with her ordering Ganesh to fasten the door from internal and in no way open the door if he is suspicious. She says that they could take precautions as opposed to being sorry because the lady also can damage Karan. She walks away and Manisha is very angry that Karina has spoiled her plan.
Preeta and Rishab are with he dancers,all of them make them comprehend that they are not concerned all of them display them their face, Shrishti then comes with the inspector, he asks Rishab what has befell, he says that he became enjoying the birthday celebration whilst he was hit with a knife and then was also tried to be poisoned, he could have died if not for Preeta, he says that he observed they have a number of cameras installed so he would love to peer their pictures, Shrishti says that she and Samer have already checked the photos and feature no longer located some thing that is suspicious , he but says that he could still like the photos with anybody.
Sherlin is taking walks when she hears some thing from and leans to see what is taking place, it is Preeta with the interceptor, they point out a woman who was not with the organization of dancers whom they have been wondering, he inspector says that the girl have to be the only who has accomplished all this, he gets a call and may be very worried, he says that Manisha has escaped from the police station, all of us gets truly tensed.
Precap: Sherlin says to Prithvi that what is going to he do whilst Manisha reveals out that it was him who killed Rithwik. She hears this from behind the door, everybody is within the hall, and Manisha comes and attempts to stab Prithvi with a knife.


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