Kundali Bhagya 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Fleeing from Monisha Jail, Luthra residence is reached and it is revealed that the earth has killed Ritwik. Preeta and Rishabh accompany the inspector to go to find Monisha

The police told Rishabh, Preeta, Srishti that Monisha has escaped from jail. Sherlin visits the earth and tells him that Monisha is in Luthra’s residence. Sherly tells him that he will not leave Rishabh because he is looking for the person who killed Ritwik. Sherly tells Earth that if Monisha will know that Ritwik is killed by the Rishabh, not the earth. Monisha is in Danskar’s disguise and she realizes that the earth has hit Ritwik. The earth says it is to take revenge on Ritwik. Monisha learns that Preeta and Rishabh know that she is in the house. Rishabh’s mother is troubled for her sons.

Preeta and Rishabh accompany the inspector to go to find Monisha. Monisha thinks she will kill Ritwik’s killer. BG telephoned Sarala and told that Jaanki is begging for cannabis. Creation disguises.They of Monisha dancer to attack Rishabh tells his mother Luthra residence come. Karan’s aunt comes to tell that something is going on between Earth and Sherlyn. Aunt tells Karan that she has pregnant and why is married to ask him Sherlyn Rishabh is. She calls Karan to stop the marriage of Sherlyn and Rishabh because it will not be right for the family.

Karan is shocked to see the police at home. Sameer tells him about the entire incident and the attacks on Rishabh. Karan also knows that Monisha has escaped from jail. Monisha keeps her eyes on the earth by changing her clothes. Monisha then attacks on Preeta, but she has stopped the creation. Preeta gets disturbed by seeing the wounds of the earth and tells her to go to the hospital. The earth says that she will stop there for Preet, so that she can not hurt anybody. Karan starts inquiring about the earth and asks why Monisha attacked him. The earth becomes shocked and can not speak anything.


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