Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

A live band at Prita’s house and the Prithvi reaches its relatives. She wants to talk about Preetha’s marriage.

In this episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn Karan tries to provoke her against the Preetha by coming to the room of Karan. Listening to Sherlyen, Karan gets angry at him and asks him to go. The second Prithvi goes to him to talk to Preta. She asks Preet not to cry for Karan. The Prithvi tries to wipe the tears of love and come closer, but Preeta stops her. The Prithvi thinks that it should marry Preeta as soon as possible, otherwise she will leave it.

Sherlin tells Karan from outside the door that she is right and Preta is wrong. Listening to Sherlyn, Karan becomes very angry. He punching in the punching bag until he gets out of the blood by hand. Later, both Preeta and Karan are crying about each other. Preetha wants Karan to apologize to her, while Karan feels that Preeta is wrong but she does not want to lose him. The next morning, Sherlyn makes breakfast for everyone at Lothra House. Before everyone is awake, Karan has left the house.

On the breakfast table, Rishabh’s father Mahesh gets a call, in which he is told that the work is done. Mahesh grumbles and goes without eating food from there saying that he has to meet a client. Pritha’s home reaches Prithvi with a live band and all her relatives. He asks for creation of love from creation, but creation does not believe in it. The Prithvi tells the creation that he has come to talk about his marriage with his family and needs love for it. Listening to the Prithvi, the creation and the Sara remain shocked.


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