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The new twist in Karan’s life, the story of Preeta, which is going to end forever, is now going to be a new dawn in Preeta’s life. Karan was very happy to see Preeta in such condition. But Preeta has now found a way to live independently.

Preeta has been seen in the show Kundali Bhagya for a long time. Karan has brought a storm in Preeta’s life. Karan has ruined Preeta’s life by marrying falsely, ever since then Preeta seems quite disappointed. But now there is going to be a new dawn in Preeta’s life. Karan was very happy to see Preeta in such condition. But Preeta has now found a way to live independently.

Karan had closed all the way to Preeta. But Preeta has made her own way. It is to be shown in the upcoming episodes that Preeta will bring a happy news to her parents. Preeta will laughingly tell Srishti and Sarla that she got a call for a job. Now he has been called to meet. In such a situation, Preeta’s mother will give her many blessings. Here, Karan will be seen constantly trying to topple Preeta. Karan will tell Preeta that she is not pretty at all. Karan Preeta’s fans may also feel bad after this. But it is true that Karan will do such a thing for Preeta. What is going to happen in the upcoming episodes

Karan has left Preeta mercilessly, Karan has cheated with Preka in horoscope fortune. Karan unites the land to marry Preeta. Karan leaves Preeta after marriage

When the terrorist puts the gunpoint on Preeta’s head, Karan’s blood will rise. Karan’s blood will boil when the terrorist shoots a gun at his head to kill Preeta. In such a situation, Preeta’s life is going to be in danger. A big twist is on the show.

What will happen is the execution of Karan Preeta’s story has made Preeta and Karan enemies of each other to show the story with a new twist in the show. Karan is not even liking to see Preeta in the show right now. But in the episode of terrorist, Karan seems to be the only one who will save Preeta.

Preeta in danger, how will Karan react. Karan and Preeta will have more differences in horoscope luck. Makers are bringing Mahapeisode for fans. Which will show that in the show’s episode, terrorists will attack in a mall. Preeta will also be present in this mall itself. In the meantime, when Karan will know that Preeta is in danger then how will this reaction be? It is very interesting to know about Karan.

Prithvi made Rishabh an idiot by changing his voice, now Diljala Ashiq will be trapped in a new affair, Karan Preeta loved each other, luck has brought this point

Preeta on the target of gun, will Karan save the life of his new bride. In the upcoming episodes of the show, Karan and Preeta are to be forced into a room with each other under compulsion. Actually, Karan Preeta who arrived for shopping is going to be a target of terrorists. Some terrorists will come to the mall and capture and fire blinds. Karan and Preeta meanwhile will hide in a corner. But Preeta will not approve of being with Karan. In such a situation, she will try to go out. But Karan will be seen stopping him. Only then Preeta’s life will be in danger.

Karan Preeta is going to be in trouble with, the interesting twist in the story, Prithvi holds Kana responsible for his ruin

Fans react to Karan’s actions. Fans react to Karan’s actions .. Fans who like the pair of Karan Preeta are saying that Karan should not say that. Also, the fans are seen asking what a mess Prita has made you. See other comments.

In order to degrade Preeta, Karan did a lousy act and Karan is constantly being harassed by Preeta. Karan has now done this infuriating act to degrade Preeta

Karan and Preeta’s patchup If you are thinking that Karan and Preeta have reconciled and Preeta has been accepted by Karan as his wife. So let me tell you this is not so. Rather Preeta is now standing on her feet. Preeta has found a job by herself.

Preeta first heard the good news to mother Sarla.

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