Kundali Bhagya 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prieta goes to police station to register an FIR against Monisha. In the police station, Monisha tells Prata that the earth has killed Ritwik.

In this episode Kundali Bhagya , Preeta has put the medicine in the earth’s wounds in her room. Seeing this Karan is jealous and he starts thinking about ways to keep Preeta away from the Earth. Rishab is called upon to call the police station immediately, because he needs her and Preta to register an FIR against Monisha.

When Preeta arrives at the police station, she sees that Monisha has been arrested. He talks to Monisha and decides to know why he wants to kill her. Monisha says she wants to kill the earth because she killed Ritwik. She also tells Preeta that the earth is the mastermind and she had pressured Sherlyn to marry Rishab.

Preeta refuses to believe Monisha. She does not want to hear a single word against the earth. Monisha is put in jail. While Rishabh takes Pritha to sign on FIR. Cherylin is jealous of the way Earth looks like a prey. He tries to instigate the earth against Preeto. He reminds him when Rishab was wounded, then Preeta was with him all the time. Now that the earth has been injured, he left him alone.

Sherly scolds the earth and threatens to harm her. This makes the earth scared and tries to calm down Sherlyn. She tells Sherlin that Preeta is a part of Luther’s plan to ruin her family. At the same time Sherlyn is his true love. Karan feels that the earth has killed Ritwik only. After seeing Monisha attacking the earth, she decides to check the case again.


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