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Manisha runs behind and Karan she says that it’s far her proper, Karan say that the right is simplest on him however now not his own family individuals, she says that she insulted Preeta because she noticed her hitting on him and she or he can’t endure it, he says that all of them are regretting it but he has to maintain his words, she says that she noticed in her eyes what she felt for Rithwik and it could be one sided but she does not know whatever. She says that since she is marrying hello m so will inform the fact that she doesn’t Like Preeta and needs her to stay faraway from this residence.

Sherlin comes to Prithvi but he may be very happy, she asks him what the problem is, he say that it’s far very happy that Karan is getting married to Manisha because after that they each will win ad then they may be satisfactory. She says that he has lost his mind and ought to keep in mind that Manisha might inform Karan the reality, he says that he does now not experience anything at the prevailing second, he says that Manisha is a c lever female and could not fall in love with him much like this.

She does no longer believe him and asks what he certainly method he says that he has no worry of him anymore, she ask him what the problem is, he says that this may imply that he’ll now not poke at whatever and could depart them like they may be.

Manisha is asking on the picture of Rithwik and wondering that she will be able to take revenge for his murder, Kartika comes from at the back of and tells her that Rakhi is searching out her, whilst she leaves she calls Rishab pronouncing that Shrishti has already went and is full attack mode, Manisha sees Rakhi standing and goes to talk along with her she ask her to head and clean up. Manisha sees preeta walking and purposefully hurts her, Shrishti comes from at the back of and threatens Manisha to stay faraway from Preeta in any other case bad things will show up to her. Rishab and Samer also come and are indignant to look what she did, they all come and plan to make Manisha pay, they agree that Karan must be told everything so they do now not ruin his consider.

Mahesh is with Karan and says that he is going to inform the truth that he changed into in love with Rakhi but become asked to marry some other woman, Dadi says that she become going to marry him but when she noticed that he saw does not love her so she married him to Rakhi. Karina stops Mahesh which makes Karan flow away, he is at the cloth cabinet and taking into consideration Manisha says that he’ll now not marry her and could lower back out from the wedding.

He says that he thought that he might need to satisfy his promise, Rakhi says that this doesn’t mean that he’s going to destroy his life and they will no longer let it, Karan says that she is trying to harm his buddy, Mahesh says that he does not want his own family to turn like Santosi, Karan ask him to prevent due to the fact he knows that they’re lying. Karan ask Rishab to assist him come out of the problem, he consents that he will do this if Karan is prepared to returned out of this wedding. they all are satisfied.

Manisha asks them why they’re so satisfied, her mother ask for his or her depart as they must prepare for day after today features, Manisha says that the media isn’t always convinced and she will inform them if he does no longer comply with her needs and could tell them that she lied to deliver Rishab out, once they go away Rishab says that it is not a hassle due to the fact they all are with him, Rishab hugs him.

Preeta is at her room and seeing that the wardrobe is open starts responsible Shrishti, she tries to close the door and sees Karan’s pictures she thinks of a few plan to store Karan, Shrishti asks her to show the lighting fixtures off as she can not sleep. Preeta wonders what Karan can be doing as he turned into in reality tensed.

Karan is hitting his bag and thinking of all that has passed off to him and his family due to Karan, he thinks that he hates her a lot and is about to marry her.
Manisha thinks that she is set to turn out to be the daughter in regulation of the Luthras and could ruin them all, Preeta thinks that she will save Karan and his family because she is aware of Manisha intentions.

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Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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