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Sherlin is glad to recognise that Preeta has receive that she loves Karan, they both look high-quality while they’re standing collectively, she thinks of who to tell the amazing information among Kartika, Janki and Sameer. Preeta leaves Shrishti is going to invite what befell and the motive she is tensed, she says that she has feelings,

Prithvi’s mom says that they each could be satisfied to listening to the information of wedding, Prithvi thinks that it isn’t that but is of danger. His mom in addition explains it. Preeta says that it is not love however friendship, Shrishti says that during friendship they hit other but it’s miles love so she should ask her own coronary heart if she does not believe her. Preeta tries to depart Shrishti stops her asking to inform her on the face that she does sot love Karan, she says that she loves him but as a pal.

Shrishti asks her to prevent mendacity asking if Karan did no longer come to her dream and proposed to her however Preeta does not accept as true with her, she accepts Shrishti is telling the truth due to the fact she knows that what they may be questioning comes into their dreams, she is wondering because Karan did no longer stand along with her whilst all people was in opposition to her, she in conjunction with their mom risked their lives but he did not care and threw her out of the residence.

Preeta says that she desires Karan to be her pal extra than fanatics due to the fact in this friends are willing to die and love each different’s, Shrishti then says that this means every and every love story is because of being friends, Preeta explains that this indicates she is an fool so Shrishti scoffs her by pronouncing that she will don’t have any trouble in marrying Prithvi in 4 days due to the fact he has come to their house together with his complete circle of relatives. Preeta gets shocked saying that she will not show up not due to the fact she loves Karan however due to the fact she isn’t always in the country of thoughts of marrying every body, Shrishti says that she must hear herself because she claimed that she loves Karan.

Sarla says that she have to never say something like this once more because she cannot marry Karan, he’s just a cricketer for them and a infant of a reputed circle of relatives, they did no longer agree with her as a substitute threw her out in their house, they did now not consider her and even when she turned into kidnapped with the aid of the goons it turned into Preeta who came to save her, she was additionally drowning however it was due to the fisherman that Sherlin kept her alive. She has seen loads of things due to the fact she has lived her life, she will be able to face anything but can’t see that her daughters are crying, she is aware of that Preeta has not slept the previous night however she did no longer go to prevent her due to the fact she wanted her to cry out everything, she warns her to no longer consider Preeta and Karan but as an alternative of Prithvi and Preeta because she will be able to not allow her marry Karan, she also orders that Janki make Pakora’s of Basin.

Shrishti asks Preeta to pay attention what she is saying, Preeta however mentions that she should not latch onto words as everything is not meant for a scenario, she have to strop interrogating her due to the fact she is already worried. Preeta asks her to come together with her as then she could be in a position to say it, Shrishti says that she will be able to say it herself, however Preeta stops her.

Sarla gives the snacks to Prithvi, all of them are sitting while Bi jee asks him why did he carry his complete circle of relatives to set the date of the marriage, he explains that he did this because the elders are capable of make higher choices and additionally because he changed into scared that they might stop the relation so he introduced his own family if you want to communicate to them. Sarla wonders that it isn’t always the right time for his family as she is broken after the occasion that happened in the Luthra residence so she can’t marry her in one of these hurry.

Shrishti asks Preeta to mention that marriages take place in lifetime so she has to think about what will take place I her existence, her personal existence isn’t always strong so she need to refuse ton marry him, if she cannot say it directly then need to say that she isn’t always prepared to marry him.
Prithvi sees Preeta standing asking her to sit, she sits and greets anyone, Prithvi’s mom introduces her to every person, his aunt says that Prithvi noted she may be very stunning and Prithvi additionally said the identical issue.

Preeta says that she is not equipped ton marry so early but his mom says that she wants to convey the barrat on the third day and additionally they will should put together for the wedding, they do not allow Preeta say something and even their servant brings the goodies for the celebration of the wedding.
His mom force Sarla to not refuse as they all are in a hurry to take Prithvi to their very own residence because it will then boom their happiness, Shrishti thinks that Preeta need to say it as quickly as viable because if Sarla takes it then they would not have the ability o put off the wedding, Sarla stops Preeta and takes the sweets, she says that they came in a marvel which turned into shocking for them however she is of the same opinion that they should arrange the wedding because it has been a long term.

Precap: Mahesh is calling Raj to tell him the reality of Sherlin, he says that if he tells him then he’s going to kill him so he’s going to not say some thing because this is the simplest manner he will continue to be alive.


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