Kundali Bhagya 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prithvi explains to Karan that he doesn’t need to speak with him because he’s getting married to Preeta so does no longer want to smash the moment, Karan asks him to stop and concentrate to what he has to mention regarding Sherlin.

Sherlin brings her mother to the room requesting that she has taken her away due to the fact the Luthras have ruined her lifestyles, Sanjana explains that she is tensed and should remain calm, she however asks her to stop as she is going to name him.

The cellphone earrings inside the Mandap, the Pandit picks it up handing over the telephone to Shrishti who receives shocked after seeing the call, she thinks that it will likely be Sherlin, whilst she once more calls Shrishti picks up the telephone, she begins to make her get frustrated and threaten her that she will now not be able to forestall the wedding due to the fact now no one can prevent the wedding, Sherlin refuses to accept that it’s far her, Shrishti doesn’t accept as true with it, explaining that she isn’t Sherlin but danger to any appropriate person, she instigates her even in addition earlier than ending the decision and questioning that she believes she has accomplished the proper element.

Karan says that he got here to speak of Sherlin. Prithvi receives tensed bringing up that there may be nothing of the type, Karan asks him to give up the act as he knows they each are collectively, Karan explains that he got tensed after listening to her name and should imagine what is going to happen while she can come to fulfill him, Prithvi begins to behave as if he’s teased but then request Karan to now not link her with an interloper, Prithvi orders him to go away before ruining the moment.

Karan refuses to leave pronouncing that he’ll prove it and ought to give his telephone to him, Prithvi refuses blaming that he constantly comes to wreck his moment much like he attempted to do inside the engagement, Karan accepts that he did it but turned into unsuccessful so now will prove it, Prithvi explains that he’s simplest doing this because he’s pissed off and wants to take revenge, Prithvi supposes it that he changed into the only who hurt his father and also has an affair with Sherlin, also that Preeta turned into with him inside the plans then giggling at Karan’s helplessness for no longer being capable of do something, Prithvi explains that he goes to get married to Preeta making Karan and his family just past, Karan refuses to say that he came to talk with him, threatening that he goes to prevent the wedding.
Prithvi is adamant that he goes to get married with Preeta however Karan refuses to just accept it saying that he is going to destroy his lifestyles, Prithvi informs that he is aware of why is he wondering like this and it’s far because he has commenced to love Preeta which made him refuse to accept the truth that she is marrying someone other than him, Karan receives traumatized hearing this announcement that’s clearly genuine.

Sarla brings Preeta outside asking her to take a seat as she will be able to take her into the mandap when Prithvi will come, she sits down once they each see Rakhi coming, Sarla starts to assume what Rakhi stated to her and the way she insulted her on the residence, She greets her, Rakhi explains that she knows that she changed into now not invited and Sarla even took back the invitation however she became now not able to prevent herself and so came to fulfill Preeta.

Sarla explains that she is aware of Rakhi loves her the same as herself so she will never forestall her from giving her advantages to Preeta, Rakhi mentions that she is aware that what occurred among their households cannot be quick of hatred however what made her come to the wedding was the love which she has for Preeta. Sarla requests that they do no longer talk of what has came about inside the past as the current is certainly blessed for her daughter so she believes if Preeta gets the affection of her mom than this can be a moment of pride and happiness for her, she lets her pass, Rakhi runs to Preeta hugging her, Preeta mentions that she could be very glad to peer Rakhi, she explains that she could not withstand now not coming because of her love.

Precap: Prithvi is chocking Karan threatening that he will bury him in a dense wooded area, Karan hits him with vase and then thinks of ruining Preeta’s existence by using marrying her.


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