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The plan of the Prithvi failed, now will be one in this way, Karan and Preeta!

Karan and Preta have come in the middle of Prithvi. But this Prithvi is not going to last long in their life. Actually, the Prithvi is about to explode. Truth of the Prithvi …

The show is going on in the Kundali Bhagya high voltage drama Prithvi comes in between Karan and Preeta. But this Prithvi will not last long in their life. Actually, the Prithvi is about to explode. The truth of the Prithvi is going to be revealed to everyone. In the show, Karan repeatedly tries to give Preeta a hint that Prithvi changes color like a chameleon, which is not good for him. Although Karan still does not express his love with Preeto.

On the other hand, Preeta is in her IGO because Karan had insulted Preeta and did not believe her in the past. In such a situation, she is not listening to even a single thing about Karan. Meanwhile Karan goes on to do some trick that Prithvi has to leave the field on its own. In the upcoming episode of the show, Karan is going to be shown – Karan will remind Prithvi of Sharleen that his game will be over when he learns that Sharleen’s lover is going to marry Preeta. In such a situation, the Prithvi will get nervous.

In the meantime, the Prithvi will be seen saying- & I will run away. I will run away from all of Sharleen and home. And, of course, Karan will threaten her. He will tell the Prithvi & your condition is getting worse in the name of Sherlyn. Think of what will happen to you if they come out. & Then the Prithvi will panic and say – I will run away.

After this, the fans want Preeta and Karan to become one. For a long time, the show’s fans have been requesting the same makers. But there have been many twists coming back in the story. Now the distance between Zakar Preeta and Karan is going to be reduced. In this way, the show is going to take a new turn again.

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