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Sherlin cautions Prithvi that she can’t come provided that Karan sees them together then he will ensure that they both are tossed out of the family. She requests that he go to her promptly as they will examine what to do, he closes the call and believes that he should proceed to meet her since he will at that point make him advertisement, additionally his day has deteriorated due to Karan.

Karan is in his room pondering what Chachi said in regards to Sherlin and Prithvi, he recollects what they said and imagines that he needs to demonstrate that they both are dealt with so which will end Sherlin’s marriage with Rishab and furthermore break the commitment of Preeta with Prithvi, he promises to do everything to keep Preeta life from being demolished.

Prithvi is leaving when Karina stops him inquiring as to for what reason is he leaving on the grounds that the specialist is en route, he anyway comes up with a rationalization and leaves, soon after him Sherlin additionally comes and requests her leave, Karan is looking out for the stairs and imagining this is the most lucky minute as this will empower him to spare Rishab as well as Preeta.

He begins to pursue Sherlin anyway she presumes him and turns back yet he conceals, he sees them both going together, he imagines that he will influence them to admit and will get them while they are as one so this will demonstrate him right. Karan additionally leaves after them.

Rishab Is worried for Preeta requesting that her not stress, she says that she can’t grasp what has happened to Prithvi anyway he says that he is alright and she should not stress, he says that she doesn’t comprehend his position on the grounds that everything is a direct result of his blame, She recalls what Sherlin said and says her name, they are before them in their vehicle, and they both are going to get into a mishap, Rishab gets furious over their idiocy anyway Sherlin is adulating him for his insight.

They push ahead and again are going to get into a mishap with Karan anyway he doesn’t stop and again pushes ahead with his pursuit which make Preeta and Rishab stress for his activities.

Sherlin and Prithvi are in their vehicle and are considering how to manage Manisha, Karan is in his vehicle and imagining that he will ensure that them two make tracks in an opposite direction from the lives of their relatives.

Karina is on the telephone, Rishab and Preeta come, and everybody inquires as to whether they have recorded the FIR. They concur and furthermore Rakhi says that Sarla has returned home since Bi jee got back to her, Mahesh is stressed for their security and begins to talk about their arrangement anyway Rishab says that he will deal with everything, Rakhi is anyway worried for his prosperity, he accepts it as a joke and prods her, Preeta begins to appreciate the minute with every other person.

Sherlin and Prithvi contact her home and have a beverage, he begins to go about as though he is enamored with her so she doesn’t get suspicious of his affection for Preeta, he begins to sentiment with her everything while at the same time acting

Karan ranges to Sherlin house and promises to not pardon them and record all the proof and after that appearing at their relatives and subsequently demonstrating that something is fishy.

Prithvi begin to giggle, Sherlin asks the reason, he clarifies that she ought to have seen his face when he influenced everybody to understand that he was harmed while sparing Preeta and he realized that he was lying yet was unfit to do anything moreover she ought to have seen his face when Preeta was dressing his injuries, this notice of Preeta truly irritates Sherlin.

Karan is outside the house thinking about an arrangement to get into the house and record each and everything on his telephone, he begins to search for the key yet in the process drops a vase, he gets frightened that they will get suspicious he quickly stows away yet is alleviated to see that nobody turned out. Prithvi inquires as to why she is irate, she says that he was taking a gander at Karan yet she was seeing him and saw that he was taking a gander at her impractically, they both begin to contend and he endeavors to leaves yet she tails him requesting him to stop the acting since she knows about the entirety of his activities and realizes that he can’t be trusted.

Karan returns to the entryway and endeavors to open it yet Prithvi and Sherlin hear the sound and gets suspicious.

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Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya Episode Update: Karan is endeavoring to open the entryway, he drops he metal bar and Prithvi seeing it from the key gap sees that it is Karan.


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