Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prithvi and Charlie see the throat hugs. He questions both and threatens the Prithvi. At the same time, Sherlyn feels jealous of seeing the intensity of the Prithvi’s love.

In ‘ Kundli Bhagya’, the Prithvi tells Sherlin that she only loves him and he only hurts those who think about harming him. Seeing that Sherly does not trust her, the Prithvi tells him to go away from it. This makes Sherly afraid, she celebrates her. Both embrace each other.

Meanwhile Karan arrives there. On seeing him, the Prithvi turns away Sherlin. Karan asks both of what he was doing. Both begin to make excuses. Karan does not trust his words and starts questioning Sherlyn, he gets annoyed. Karan threatens to tell the Prithvi that his eyes are on him, so he will do anything thoughtfully.

BG appears with a man. He says that through this Jaaniki would surely be happy. After leaving her, Janki asks BG who she was. It says that he has insured the name of Janaki. Junkie gets angry at this hearing and says she should not spend money. If she goes from there, BG says that she does not have to be angry because it is a PM insurance plan, so she will have to pay only 12 rupees.

Rakhi and Sarala praise the Prithvi while talking in the kitchen because she saved Preet’s life. He says that he should also thank the family. Listen, the creature there gets annoyed and says that they should not do this. Sarla scolds him. Srishti Sameer talks about this when she takes the side of the Prithvi and says that Manisha had threatened to kill both of them, so the Prithvi saved Preeta. Tanvi also takes her side, causing creation and anger.

The Prithvi is weighing the call of love. When the call comes to him, he takes his name by picking up the quick but the call is done by Sherlyn. He gets annoyed when he takes the name of Preet as the Prithvi. On this, the Prithvi says that he thought that Karan would tell Preetha the whole truth and that is why he is getting tension. Because she thought that Preeta would call her and therefore she was weighing the call.

Preeta thinks about Manisha’s things. She also doubts her own thinking and says that the Prithvi has saved her life. Manisha and the Prithvi had met Manisha hates her. Seeing her taking sides, she wants to harm the Prithvi. Rishabh prevents him from seeing the tension and asks him for the reason.

She explains to him that he does not pay attention to the things of Manisha. He told these things to nourish Preeta. He says that he will be punishing Manisha. Rishabh asks Preeta to smile.


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