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Rakhi says she desired to look and bless Preeta on her wedding day, hadn’t she come today she might in no way have forgiven herself. Sarla thank you Rakhi for coming over, as a minimum a grin spread Preeta’s face. Rakhi takes a go away as she hadn’t advised all of us and Karan would be indignant at her. Preeta stops Rakhi and requests to live till she and her husband take her benefits. Karan has changed and has already threatened absolutely everyone, nobody will come over from Luthra house. Rakhi is of the same opinion to live.

Sameer knocks the door of the room and calls Karan to open the door. Karan become greatly surprised to peer Prithvi shirtless and mendacity unconscious. He insists on Karan to tell what is going on, Karan desired a comparable Shervani like Prithvi’s. Karan tells Sameer he’ll sit on the Mandap like the groom, he desires to marry

Preeta besides and Sameer shouldn’t share it with everyone, now not even Shrishti. Sameer was silently happy that Karan loves Preeta and truly doesn’t need to confess; but it’s realistic to stay silent at this sort of time.
Karan ties Prithvi with the chair and stuffs a fabric piece in his mouth. Prithvi turned into semi-conscious. Sameer hits his head once more. He tells Sameer to go outside and call Pandit ji upstairs, he wants a word with him.

within the room, Sherlin tells Sanjana that she is now leaving from back door of Luthra residence. Sanjana attempts to stop Sherlin. Sherlin minds her mom she isn’t any mom India, and she herself is a strong girl. She is aware of what she is as much as, and no one can stop her. She opens the door but Kareena stood outside. Sanjana immediately takes her earring, and tells Kareena that Sherlin became searching out it. Kareena requests Sherlin to present Mahesh his drug treatments, she will be able to discover the earring in a while. Sherlin turned into irked and wonders how she should get out of this intellectual asylum now.

Sameer comes to the wedding hall and finds Rakhi sitting with Preeta. He comes to talk to Pandit ji. Rakhi acknowledges Sameer. Preeta cheers watching him there. Sameer walks to Preeta and enhances that she seems stunning within the bridal attire. He seems closer to Rakhi. Rakhi asks Sameer how he got here here. Sameer says he got here for Preeta. He apologizes Sarla as he couldn’t prevent himself from coming over. Preeta asks if a person else additionally got here. Sameer replies nobody else. Sameer silently thinks he can’t tell Preeta Karan has also come.

Sherlin reaches Mahesh’s room. Mahesh lay on the mattress. Sherlin wonders how Mahesh bears this own family. It feels they didn’t carry a daughter in law, however a maid. She has to meet her lover, the daddy of her infant and her husband; he is going to marry that Preeta. She is extremely irritated at Mahesh, he didn’t die at that point. She turned into aggravated and says health practitioner wrote new drug treatments, however they don’t realize their secrets and techniques. these are accurate for him, however he constantly deny taking any. She intentionally throws the drug treatments off the window, and asks if he doesn’t need to get well and die in comma. she will’t pressure him to live. She stuffs his neck, then wonders why she ought to comply with his choice. Her dead body is of no need, but his unconscious being hurts his own family. Their hatred for Preeta will hold to ignite this manner. she can in no way let his family forget about this.

within the room, Karan became prepared as groom. He speaks to the subconscious Prithvi that he’ll ask Pandit ji to announce there is stricken celebrity, and the groom shouldn’t increase the veil off his face. Then the marriage will be whole. he takes Prithvi to a hiding.

Downstairs within the hall, Sameer persuade the Pandit to go to groom’s room. within the room, Karan sat in groom’s apparel and hides his face. He tells the Pandit ji to turn round, he has an infection. He tells Pandit ji he were given conjunctivitis, and shouldn’t look at all people. Pandit ji should inform absolutely everyone downstairs that the groom shouldn’t enhance the veil.

Shrishti involves Sameer in the wedding ceremony. He asks if she has to say something. Shrishti says she desired to express regret, for being impolite on the call. Sameer holds her hands and says it’s good enough. Shrishti asks if he got here for her. Sameer nods.
The Pandit ji insists they could tell every person the truth. Prithvi says the female and her own family is old school, and everyone will put the blame over the bride. He doesn’t need so, and Pandit ji ought to also no longer need so. He additionally requests Pandit ji to forbid the groom from speakme, as nicely. He gives monetary gift to Pandit ji.

Precap: Rakhi speaks to the couple that she got here to present them her blessings. She holds the hand of groom and was suspicious.


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