Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarla is of the same opinion that they ought to conduct the wedding because each mother wishes that her daughter goes to her own house, she asks them to behavior the wedding on the 1/3 day, they all bless each other on agreeing for the marriage, Janki asks Sarla how they’ll be able to do the arrangements in any such short time frame, she says that they have their personal marriage corridor, they have arranged for so many weddings and Preeta will also be carried out there, Prithvi receives up thanking Sarla for making his goals come real, he seeks her blessings then gives to Preeta asking if she happy,
The detectives greet Mahesh as he enters, he asks where the kidnapper is, and he says that he is within the cabin. Mahesh asks if he came willingly however they are saying that they have kidnapped him because in the event that they asked him to come he would not have come so they did it, Mahesh however receives involved citing that it is wrong, they say that they’ve to do it for his or her customers.

Kartika comes to open the door locating that it’s miles Chachi, she enters and greets Sherlin very with politeness also hugging her which confuses Kartika and she or he leaves, Sherlin receives angry after on the grounds that she is still curious of her being pregnant, Chachi sees from at the back of and says that she can tell everyone the fact the very subsequent day and will create a scene that will ruin the residence.
Mahesh enters the room asking Raj if he knows who he is, he however denies the whole lot that he does no longer recognize Sherlin and Preeta, Mahesh says that he has now not stated even a single element and now knows that he knows he fact of Sherlin so he ought to now inform the complete fact.

Chachi reaches the room, she isn’t always capable of locate Karan, seeing a torn image she choices it up and is curious why is it torn, Karan comes and after seeking his blessing he says that what she is doing with this phot. She asks if he likes her, he says that he doesn’t feel whatever and throws away the picture, Chachi ask him to not do that because [Preeta is a very good girl, Karan mentions that he doesn’t like her due to the fact his flavor is a lot higher. He leaves.

Samer is leaving whilst Kartika comes speeding asking him to give her the laptop, he says that he could be very late for work and he or she can look for it herself, Sherlin seeing the opportunity scoffs Kartika for her relation along with her finance, she leaves observed but Samer, Tanvi seeing this receives very indignant, she says that Sherlin knows very well how complex her relation is then why is she doing this to hurt her, Sherlin scoffs her through saying that she desires unwanted human beings ti get out from her house, Tanvi leaves.

Mahesh is thinking Raj he mentions that he will supply him numerous money to inform the fact of Sherlin with proofs because he knows that Sherlin isn’t appropriate for his circle of relatives, Raj however says that if he tells the truth concerning Sherlin then eh will kill him so the handiest manner he’s going to remain alive is with the aid of concealing the fact.

Prithvi’s family could be very happy after finalizing the wedding, they all say how desirable the couple will appearance, all of them have fun, Prithvi gets the decision from Sherlin, he goes aside and tells her that his wedding has been fixed and now they will be capable of ultimately take their revenge. Sherlin receives honestly irritated while he says that he is happy to marry Preeta due to the fact now his own family will be entire, Sherlin gets irritated, he straight away turns to mention that she could be step one of his revenge. His mother comes and when she hears that he’s speaking to someone mentioning that Preeta is the proper desire for him, it is very appreciating that he has left Sherlin as she changed into simply now not suitable for their family, Prithvi mentions that his mother has very and timings, he right now apologizes to Sherlin she scolds him mention that if his mom is available in the front of her then she can ensure that she isn’t able to move everywhere.

Precap: Karan says to Rishab that he can in no way overlook Preeta and will usually appreciate her, Janki asks Preeta is she has any emotions for Karan, she denies it altogether, however Janki says that she will in no way help her. Karan taunts Sherlin that she will face what she has achieved.


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