Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shrishti makes reference to that she is glad to see Samer, Janki comes inquiring as to whether Karan did not accompany him, he says that Karan won’t come, Shrishti anyway will not acknowledge referencing that she is certain he will come,, Samer begins have hiccups, them two marvel what has occurred and afterward Shrishti takes him to have water, Janki gets inquisitive she feels that it is just when somebody is staying discreet.

Karan goes to the mandap, Sarla grasps his hand Karan begins to hack they get him water, he believes that he should drink it without lifting his shroud, When they attempt to evacuate it Pandit requests that they stop as nobody can see his face before the lady of the hour, Sameer gets calmed moving to embrace him and asking that they all acknowledge it to be valid, when they are going to go to the Mandap, Rakhi stops them both disclosing that she came to favor them both asking that they give their hands to her, she grasps Karan’s hand and gets inquisitive, Preeta gets strained as she feels something is extremely odd, when she completes Samer cheers them a great deal and they take her gifts.

Rakhi gets passionate and places a defensive imprint, she notices to Preeta that she should disregard in light of the fact that Karan is and will get distraught in the event that he realizes she went to her wedding, she doesn’t need one connection to start and another to end, she accepts that the two of them proceed with one next to the other, Sarla values her coming and says thanks to her.

Shrishti ask Samer for what valid reason he was so cheerful, Sameer gets strained and leaves she feels that she is extremely idiotic to question him so should apologize.

Karan and Preeta are both sitting in the Mandap, she thinks about every one of the minutes that were gone through with Karan, feeling that she never figured conceivable she will consider him and not have the option to overlook his activities, she ponders what’s going on with her feelings, he additionally imagines that he dislike this and had an extremely cheerful life anyway when she went to his life everything got demolished so he will currently make her life a heck, Sarla is standing she is exceptionally assuaged Preeta is getting hitched to somebody who is really made for her, somebody who will consistently attempt to give her a glad and fought life.

Pandit clarifies the system of wedding, she considers how inept Karan was who said that he was a major crystal gazer, she considers what he said when they were chatting with Karan who said that he was a celestial prophet and expressed dreadful words in regards to Shrishti and after that went to Preeta clarifying that she will get hitched to somebody who is based on his personal preference, they all request that her place her hand over Prithvi, she gets stressed accepting she is fouling up when she is getting hitched to another person however considering another person.

Preeta places her hand over the man of the hour, she sees something unusual attempting to consider his to be through the cloak as though it was Karan, she considers when she went to welcome them to her wedding. Karan likewise considers how great his time was with Preeta however that it transformed into contempt. She ponders that she may go frantic as she feels it is Karan who is really sitting with her, Karan imagines that she would neglect to giggle when they get damaged in light of the fact that she felt that she will wed Prithvi yet is really Karan, he will make her simply like his dad in a state of extreme lethargy, she won’t most likely tell anything, he will make her something which can’t talk.

Precap: Samer says to Shrishti that she will be glad to see who is wedding Preeta, Karina says that she is soothed her children are not wedding Preeta, Sanjana gets strained hearing this.


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