Yamazaki Hikari
From the left, Shinzo, Yamazaki Hikari, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

Actor Kusanagi Tsuyoshi attended the new sound of Yamazaki Hikari , the heroine starring in the movie ” Makuuko ” completed in Tokyo . Kusanagi who played his father with a sensible child in this work realized that Yamazaki and Shinzo struggle while playing young is astounding growth.

Directed by director Keizo Tsuruoka, director of the Naoki prize writer, Naoko Nishiki ‘s novel of the same name ” Kujira Machi ” in the spotlight . With a small spa town set in, she draws a figure of a boy (Yamazaki) growing up knowing the secret of a beautiful girl (Shin) that has moved in. Co-star Risa Suto and Director Tsuruoka also entered this day.

Yamazaki, who was 14 years old at the time, was 15 years old now. While grinning at Yamazaki on the stage, Kusanagi “It is completely different from the time of shooting, I got to be able to wear a suit with such a good shape, it is a wonderful actor anymore” and I feel deeply impressed. Talking about the new sound of the heroine also said that the adultness increased from the time of filming, “Maybe my back became bigger, I could be pulled out soon, but I was also about 2 centimeters larger than 40 years old” And a full smile. Like a movie that depicts the growth of a child, he was impressed by the growth of their two friends as if they were his father.

On the other hand, Yamazaki said that the existence of such a grass should have been helpful and said, “I was reassuring, there is an aura,” recalling the shooting. In the words, the grasshopper with an embarrassing look on her face is “it’s good to eat rice balls in the play and eating while talking. I can not do that … I’m really talented. As much as I did, please do it as it is. ”

In addition, the grass that the heart was struck by the pure part of Yamazaki and Shinzo also said, “I forgot the boy’s mind, I have not touched the mantis, but when I saw them two ago It seems to be awakening yourself. ” “Both of us are pure.We also want to play not only the decay but also the work like this work,” he also expressed his motivation

The movie “Makuko” has been released from Theatrical Shinjuku, other nationwide from March 15


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