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Bindu and Meghna wait eagerly outdoor for them. Viraaj takes Prarthana’s oath and says whatever he is announcing is proper and she or he is aware of he cannot take her fake oath and asks again will she marry him. She closes his ring container and walks away. Meghna and Bindu ask her what happened. Prarthana says not anything and tells Prarthana that he desires to move home. Puneeth says he’s going to drop her domestic. She says she desires to move by myself and walks away. Viraaj walks out next. Meghna asks what did she say. Viraaj alas says she did no longer respond and walked away. Meghna says not a trouble, if a lady is silent, then she manner yes.

At night time, Jyoti sits beneath sky and reminisces Meghna excitedly tell they will touch sky sooner or later with their fulfillment after they start enterprise and with hard paintings if it succeeds, it is going to be a group paintings in which Mandar will take care of purchase, she will be able to manage employees, and Jyoti will cope with finance branch. Out of flashback, Jyoti thinks Meghna’s we and team work became best me so quickly. She tells her son that they will depart this vicinity and live in a exceptional region and he’ll go to special school.

Mota pappa calls Kangana and asks her what did physician say. Kangana informs medical doctor told there may be no hope of restoration. Mota pappa says there must be a few hope. Puneeth drops Amar and Bindu domestic. Amar asks him to come back up and feature tea. Puneeth hesitates. Amar says he needs an assistant and buddy who may be with him usually and no longer a driving force. Bindu says Amar ji is proper.

Meghna’s son Sachin returns domestic crying and informs her that Jyoti and her son left society. Meghna is taken aback to pay attention that. Sachin says neighbor aunty informed him. She walks to neighbor and asks wherein did Jyoti go. Neigbhor informs she vacated her house and asked agent to hire it, she even left a box for Meghna. Meghna tests field and unearths all of the gifts she gave to her and her son. Mandar watches standing behind. She returns home and fumes how can she move without informing her. Mandar says she knowledgeable him and left a letter to her. She reads Jyoti’s resignation letter and shouts at Mandar that he knew about it. He asks if he would have instructed Meghna isn’t always hiring a person else in region of her; Jyoti even wanted her to be satisfied constantly before leaving. Meghna says Jyoti left her halfway and is at fault. Baba silently watches them. Meghna walks away. Mandar says she is doing incorrect and going a long way faraway from expensive ones.

Prarthana returns home reminiscing Viraaj’s phrases and does no longer to process for 3-4 days. Her colleague come to meet her and say they’re lacking her in office. They speak about Viraaj and say they did no longer realize he turned into boss’ son. They keep praising Viraaj at the same time as Prarthana silently listens to hem. Puneeth walks in and asks Rachna what are they discussing about. Rachna says about Viraaj and Prarthana is listening silently with out getting angry. Puneeth smiles.

Precap: Amar gifts comparable bag to Kangana and Bindu. Kangana gets jealous seeing Bindu having similar bag. Meghna files Jyoti’s missing complaint and request inspector to search her region via her mobile sim. Inspector says if she had carried out her duty properly, her friend would no longer have left her.

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Ladies Special 11 April 2019
Ladies Special 11th April 2019
Ladies Special 11 April
Ladies Special 11th April


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