Ladies Special 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mandar teaches vehicle riding to Meghna. Meghna’s nok jhok maintains. Goons watches them from a distance and informs boss that Meghna did now not go to police. Boss tells supervisor if Meghna Nikade did not go to police, they will do something that police itself visit Meghna and arrest her. Meghna receives excited driving vehicle and says she will be able to pressure vehicle to chawl. Mandar says she needs to exercise more first and then drive automobile to chawl, else she can make an coincidence. She drives car into chawl and rams it on Jyoti. Jyoti falls down. They each get out, and Mandar apologizes Jyoti. Jyoti yells Meghna ought to have directly kill her, Mandar says it turned into a mistake. Meghna says allow her vent out her anger. Jyoti continues combating along with her. Ram walks in. Jyoti calls him Meghna’s disciple and keeps yelling and walks away. Mandar asks Bindu why did not she tell him about builder assembly her again. Bindu says he desired to bribe her, however she rejected his offer. He asks what about goon. She says it become misunderstanding, else she would have informed him immediately. Mandar asks not to act as superwoman until her transport.

Umedh watching for Bindu eagerly calls his father and asks why did he visit satsang as opposed to being with him. Father asks him to simply relax and recommend Bindu. Bindu walks in and says it is a nice residence. Umedh says they used to have massive homes in village. She asks if he’ll now not ask her to sit down and jokes. She sees flowers and says good he allow them to in vase and did now not pluck them. Umedh explains what he feels seeing white and crimson rose. Bindu asks if he loves her, he need to express his love without delay. He says i really like you. She tells her entire tale how Amar advised he loves Kangana and they can only be pals, and so forth., so she desires Umedh to act as her boyfriend until Amar and Kangana’s marriage. Umedh begins crying and attempts to leap from balcony. Bindu somehow pulls him down. He laughs and asks how become his appearing, if he cannot marry her, at least he can act for her and remembers Ramleela drama of their village. Bindu says no no..

Meghna returns home and sees Mandar dancing with youngsters, asks why Nikade dance troupe is dancing. children say they have determine’s assembly and dad and mom should perform, and in view that they don’t recognise English, they must do something like dancing. Meghna says they may rock.

Precap: Rats infiltrate Meghna’s factory and cut consignment clothes. Meghna receives tensed pronouncing she has to deliver order to purchaser in 7 days and client will are available in sometime.


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