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Bindu says there are numerous red shades. He says he is aware of simplest pink. She says he have to have were given distinctive length bag and explains her desire. He says he’ll trade introduced her bag then. Bindu says she will be able to in no way change this bag as it is his first gift for her. At night, Amar asks Bindu to sleep on bed even as he sleep on couch as he need to be habituated to assist in surgeries and no longer prform surgical procedures himself. Bindu says earlier he could not move from single affected person at the same time as performing surgical treatment, now he can attend and serve many patients. He says she reveals positivity in the whole thing. She smiles. Mota pappa passes with the aid of their room and hearing their conversation feels sad for Amar.

Prarthana reminisces Viraaj presenting her, but she rejecting him again and again. She imagines Viraaj in front of her featuring retaining diamond ring.

Meghna blames Mandar that he did now not tell her ahead and let Jyoti cross. Mandar reverts returned and says she wanted to cast off Jyoti anyhow and Jyoti herself left sensing it. Meghna walks away yelling that he continually blames her for everything. Jyoti together with her kids sits on railway station bench crying. Meghna calls her repeatedly. Her kids ask why they may be leaving their locality and faculty and wherein are they going. Jyoti says they’re going a ways away. subsequent day in manufacturing unit, new finance head informs personnel that they may not get EPF, constant earnings or week offs and could he paid in keeping with piece basis. All employees are amused listening to this and while Meghna enters confronts her. Meghna says what finance head is telling is right, she is doing all this to shop their business enterprise and if they don’t have process, they may should sit down at home all 7 days of per week. personnel ask what about her promise to offer EPF, fixed salary, and so forth.. Meghna says if the agency grows, it is ideal for them, else with losses, even they will lose jobs, now it is as much as to them to retain or leave themselves. personnel request Mandar to assist them. Mandar says even he is worker like them and can’t assist. personnel discuss that CEO and proprietor are arms in gloves. Mandar feels horrific hearing that and returns home. He confronts Meghna, however in vain.

Puneeth takes Amar to his clinic. Kangana excitedly hugs Amar and greets him. Puneeth follows Amar. Amar says Puneeth is his non-public assistant right here on and presents bag to Kangana. Puneeth realizes different bag changed into for Kangana. within the afternoon, Bindu brings lunch for Amar. Kangana gets jealous seeing same bag and thinks Bindu is attempting hard to seize Amar from her or even hired her friend’s brother to secret agent on them. Bindu meets Viraaj and starts her moral gyaan.

Meghna is going to police station to document Jyoti’s lacking criticism and requests inspector to discover her friend quickly. Inspector says when Jyoti has long gone herself, he can not do whatever. She receives indignant on him like she does on absolutely everyone after which apologizes. Inspector reverts lower back and says if she had followed her friendship, her friend might not have left her. Meghna returns domestic and begins at Mandar once more. She blames him once more for Jyoti leaving task. He says he cannot talk in the front of boss, else he may be out of process and says she wanted to cast off Jyoti and while she herself left, why she is making drama, soon she can lose all her pricey ones and depended on personnel looking to update them.

Precap: Amar prays god pronouncing it isn’t god’s mistake, he asked to remedy Mota pappa’s hand in alternate of his. Bindu hears him. Peon offers Prarthana’s letter to Viraaj announcing Prarthana gave

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Ladies Special 12 April 2019
Ladies Special 12th April 2019
Ladies Special 12 April
Ladies Special 12th April


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