Ladies Special 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bindu take pressure when Mandar take meghna and amar attempt to quiet bindu. Bindu black out and amar take her home. Later meghna feel remorseful and call Amar while feeling sorry where he infrom Bindu is fine and dozing. Amar sit close to her with humari adhuri kahani tune.

Mandar make meghna rest and ask her to relex while he will successfully spare her in court. In night he goes his office to discover confirmation, while his manager request his goons to effectively stop them winning even abduct Meghna child.Goon lock mandar in room.

Following day meghna converse with attorney who request that her come to court and he guarantees to discover mandar if mandar doesn’t return by court time. Jyoti and Ram cry and choose to spare meghna and plan not to tell until they arrive at court.

Bindu get up from rest and recollect meghna words and discover paper. She face family, when at last Mota daddy tell that she overlooked her previous 1 year and amar planted all last year papers, dhadak film discharged a year ago, amar did as such that you don’t take pressure.

Bindu and Amar talk about her memory misfortune. Bindu inquire as to for what reason didn’t he advised her and caused her to recollect?? Amar answer you just overlooked our marriage, and recent year, rest you recall. Bindu get some information about her primary care physician?? Kangana father educate Bindu that he asked her family not to push bindu. He tell she will recoup soon, its simply fractional memory misfortune. Amar rememeber how kanagana father revealed to him she may bite the dust even because of unexpected stun and stress.

Precap: Mandar supervisor goon abduct Sachin. In court Judge give them 5 min to present verifications.


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