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Khadar bhai says this processing plant is just Meghna’s currently, when she didn’t extra her closest companion, for what reason will she save him. He says there is no compelling reason to feel sorry for on him and leaves saying he will return tomorrow for boss’ activity and educate Meghna to simply garments and not entrap them.

Amar’s patient’s better half strolls to him and says today is her husabnd’s activity and she needs just Amar to perform task as she confides in just him. Amar says even new specialist is truly trustable and he will ensure that. Woman expresses gratitude toward him. After effective medical procedure, all colleague compliment and applause new specialist. Amar feels tragic yet salutes new specialist. Specialist expresses gratitude toward Amar for giving him chance to work. Amar comes back to his lodge and taking a gander at god’s pic cries that in youth he needed to move toward becoming specialist in a dramatization, however educator gave him patient’s character, so he was unyielding and instructor expelled him from show. He proceeds with that he needed god to fix Mota pappa’s turn in return of his hand, so he is upbeat for that and does not gripe. Bindu comes to there and gets pitiful hearing his discussion and leaves without gathering him. In neighborhood train, she cries sitting on a seat when her copassenger inquires as to whether she battled with her significant other. Bindu grins and says she is fine, sees Viraaj’s pic in news paper and says her companion is wedding the Viraaj Parimal.

Viraaj comes to outside Prarthana’s home in his extravagance vehicle with assault rifle loaded guardians and sits tight for Prarthana. Seetaram says let us return home as there is a major stopping issue. Viraaj does not concur. Peon hands him over Prarthana’s letter saying Prarthana sent him a letter and he looked him wherever however found here. Prarthana peeps from overhang and covers up. Viraaj sees her and sends protectors from that point cautioning to advise Das babu and expel them from occupation on the off chance that they don’t go.

Amaar strolls towards his vehicle when Kangana sees him and considers investing energy with him in ileu of taking lift. She sends her driver home and inquires as to whether he can drop her. Amar concurs. She goes about as astonished seeing Puneeth there. Puneeth says he is Amar’s own associate at this point. Kangana insults that Amar is so kind hearted that he enables anybody to even without capability, yet Amar ought to be cautious from abusing individuals. Puneeth feels tragic hearing that. Amar sees that. Kangana sits in rearward sitting arrangement and asks Amar to sit with her, however he closes entryway and sits with Puneeth in front seat and talks about tomorrow’s calendar disregarding Kangana. Kangana feels progressively desirous. He achieves home with Puneeth. Mota pappa asks how was his first day at occupation today. Bindu says it must be well. Moti mamma serves prasad to Amar and Puneeth. Amar says he traded off with his emotions and now he feels upbeat. He thinks back the occurrence where Bindu gives him moral gyaan. Bindu faculties that rushes to kitchen unfit to hold her feelings.

During the evening, Mandar and Meghna with kids take Baba for a wheelchair ride in the public eye and get dismal seeing Jyoti’s home bolted. Mandar thinks back Meghna’s wrong choices and Meghna thinks back Mandar restricting her. Show proceeds…

Precap Upcoming Ladies Special Episode Update: Prarthana stands up to Viraaj that he ought to have confided in her once and educated her fact in the event that he truly cherishes her. Mandar goes out. Bindu crumples on street.


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