Ladies Special 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sachin returns home and advises how goon Raghu tricked him saying he is chosen for best sibling grant, so he ought to go with him. Meghna chastens him for confiding in anybody indiscriminately and not illuminating guardians before going with anybody. Sachin cries and Swapna supports him. Insurance agency’s supervisor calls Meghna and says he got an idea for her, she should reclaim case and not document protection guarantee. Mandar says they will think and advise him in the first part of the day. Administrator concurs. Khadar bhai recommends to acknowledge offer as they can modify business with diligent work and escape this wreckage first.

Amar takes Bindu to neighborhood train station and educates her that she has gone in nearby train normally, so she recalled bougie number last time. She depicts Faiba’s spirits. She inquires as to whether he recollects her Faiba’s spirits. He says he remembers everything identified with her as he is her significant other. She feels timid. He covers up. Children move around her on Meri Pyari bindu… melody.. She recollects Amar’s words and snickers. Amar returns grinning at her. Artists move around them. Amar hits the dance floor with Bindu. Bindu then gets hacking fit, runs aside and hacks up blood. Amar look through her and discovering her at a separation inquires as to whether she is fine, where she had been. She apprehensively says she delighted in garbha a ton and gets into neighborhood train.

Meghna fries fitters for youngsters. Mandar inquires as to whether she needs to begin misuse business. She says no, she needs to return to her routine disregarding business and will acknowledge insurance agency’s offer. Mandar calls Punith who reaches there and hearing their story tells Raghu is RK article of clothing’s manager’s goon like he was Naidu’s and says he will look for his companion’s assistance. Meghna cautions not to as he was asserted of taking 2 lakhs last time. He says the time has come to render retribution and take support consequently. He calls his companions and requests to get Raghu’s data. Companions guarantee however ask some help consequently.

Bindu returns home. Amar worriedly strolls behind her. She chastens him not to pursue her and locks entryway. Amar tells MP and MM these are her fractional amnesia side effects. Bindu recollects Kangana’s dad’s recommendation to call him in the event that she needs any explanation, she calls him yet his telephone isn’t reachable. She at that point calls Kangana and educates her that she has halfway amnesia, yet additionally hacked up blood, asks what befell her.

Precap: Bindu falls at home. Meghna gets work torment in nearby train


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