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Prarthana yells at Viraj that he did now not deliver right option to her hassle and wasted a lot cash on candles. He says what about khichdi. She walks away shouting have it himself. Amar stops Kangana from completing presentation and says he’ll not allow her strain herself extra, so he will end relaxation of presentation. She says even he desires her to go like Bindu did no longer let her meet Mota pappa. Amar says she labored on presentation whole night and have to cross domestic and rest. He walks out of her car whilst she sleeps on her chair. Prarthana returns domestic and tells Puneeth lied to her and did no longer inform her about Bindu’s problem. Puneeth says maybe because of fear like he turned into afraid and lied her, like she lied that money was Viraj and it turned into her money alternatively to assist him, she can not decide each lie with same view as each lie has its very own story. Prarthana says Viraj changed into right, however she wrongly scolded him. next day, Prarthana’s father gets equipped to move for signing interview. circle of relatives needs him excellent luck. Viraj enters and desires him.

Amar returns after his task interview and says Dr. Shroff changed into hell bent to disqualify him and requested equal questions Bindu requested. He is going into flashback wherein Dr. Shroff tells panel participants that Dr. Amar wishes process on this medical institution deal with his Mota pappa and does now not accept as true with his treatment. Amar says he knows Mota pappa’s case history, so he wants to take care of Mota papa’s case. Dr. Shroff maintains opposing and asks if Amar will signal a settlement to paintings as his junior for a stipulated time. Amar is of the same opinion and indicates his presentation. Out of flashback, Amar thanks Bindu for her assist and requests her no longer to go away him on my own in this case. Bindu says she has to move, but will make certain his whole own family is filled with happiness and nicely settled.

Meghna’s kids go to her aspect within the morning after getting prepared and play with Khadar bhai’s ordered dolls. Khadar Bhai scolds them. They ask toffee. He says he can’t provide them everytime. Jyoti enters and says they don’t have faculty today as she is doing their photo session to sell agency’s dresses. Mandar with Meghna entes and says he does now not want to compromise on kids’s training and sends them to school. Jyoti says she rented camera for a thousand rs. Mandar says he’s going to take it into agency expenses. Khadar bhai scolds Jyoti that she wasted business enterprise’s employer’s one thousand rs. Jyoti says he wasted business enterprise’s money with these dolls. He scolds if she does not have any brain, why he ordered those dolls. Their argument maintains. Khadar says he will not work right here. Meghna says he can stroll away, however tell first why he were given those dolls. He says to strive new designs on them. Meghna asks if he leaves, how will he train new designs. He asks to express regret. She does and asks Jyoti to make an apology. Jyoti says she will on Mandar and Meghna’s sake. Meghna asks him to teach new designs now. He teaches. After sometime, Jyoti suggests new designs’ tutorial online to Meghna. Khadar Bhai shouts if they will work from internet, he’s going to go away process proper now. Meghna blasts him out royally that she respects his experience, so she does not say anything, but no one can tolerate his vanity, she wishes each his revel in and technology to run her enterprise. Khadar Bhai gets afraid and asks Mandar where did he get this woman, she is greater brief tempered than him.

Amar is going to Mota pappa’s room with Dr. Shroff to treat him. Mota pappa receives indignant and his BP increases. Dr. Shroff asks him to exit. Amar walks out unluckily with Bindu. Dr. Shroff walks to him and he must type out his differnces along with his uncle before treating him.

Precap: Amar pleads Mota mamma to provide an explanation for Mota pappa that Bindu become just looking to help him, he could not tolerate seeing her crying the day past. Mota pappa receives emotional hearing that. Kangana attempts to enter Mota pappa’s room, however Bindu stops her. Kangana argues together with her.

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