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Viraaj. She says she sent him her choice in a letter. He asks what did she write. She says forget it. He thinks what she might have written. On the other side, Viraaj eagerly attempts to open letter, however Seetaram insists to open it at 6:35 a.m. as in keeping with astrologer’s recommendation and tells him his father’s story where jyotish informed his father to dig his land at four am to get wealth

Meghna reminisces Mandar’s opposing her selections and tells Baba that whatever she does, Mandar considers it incorrect. Baba laughs and says in chess game, elephant can not take king’s area and neither king can take elephant’s region. Mandar hears their communication and feels unhappy. subsequent day, he receives ready early morning. Meghna asks if he is going out. He ignores her and gets busy in sending kids to high school.

Amar lying on his bed cries reminiscing unable to perform surgical treatment. He hears Bindu crying loudly. He asks if she is crying and attempts to replace on light. She asks to not activate light and let her cry in dark. He asks reason. She says she felt her Faiba incorrect twice in existence nowadays for the first time and does no longer know a way to cope up together with her situation. He asks to provide an explanation for it to her. She says she does not want to.

Prarthana reads Viraaj’s news in news paper and feels unhappy. Her father takes information paper and reads about Viraaj’s new schemes for his personnel along with a vacation on valentine’s day one among them (significantly? god shop the enterprise). Prarthana reminisces Viraaj’s valentine’s day date for her.

Meghna confronts Mandar and asks why is he ignoring her. He says he does not need to live in her residence anymore. She asks if he realize what’s he telling. He says he is aware of and confronts her that a rocket launcher takes rocket to certain top and then falls down leaving rocket to fly on its personal, rocket drops down launcher whilst it feels it does now not need launcher anymore; similarly he’s launcher and Meghna is rocket and he wants to go away before Meghna drops him down. She asks if she is doing incorrect by contemplating scaling up her business. He says there’s not anything wrong in it, but the way she is using is incorrect; even being a CEO of the agency, he never knows what she does and pressured Jyoti leave her residence with incorrect decision, she desires to fly high leaving dear ones awayl he can’t suffocate in this surroundings, he will attend her corporation daily as a faithful employee and that is all he desires to do. Meghna stands shattered.

Precap: Prarthana confronts Viraj that he did now not consider her and instructed fact, so there is no question of love among them. Mandar leaves domestic telling Meghna that he is certain she will no longer alternate and to alternate his name if he returns.

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Ladies Special 16 April 2019
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