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Meghna offers child woman in local teach. Mandar takes her and baby to clinic. In health facility, Kangana asks her father if Bindu gets properly. Father says let us do our quality. Amar with Umedh and Punith brings Bindu on stretcher. Bindu holds Amar’s hand and says she will return from operation theater alive to relive her life with Amar, but if she doesn’t go back alive, he ought to not get sad as he gave her happiness of 7 lives. Amar says not anything will show up to her. Bindu is taken into operation theater whilst Amar waits out. Umedh tells Amar that he found out Bindu loves simplest Amar or even he loves Bindu, so he’s going to go away, Amar ought to take right care of himself and Bindu. Amar nods yes. Kangana’s father comes out and says possibilities are negligible, Bindu is alive and subconscious and he can’t say how a hit this operation will be and searching a results, there are minor possibilities that she can get aware again. Mandar with wardboy brings Meghna on wheelchair at the same time as Bindu is taken out of OT on stretcher. Meghna stops and asks what took place to Bindu. Punith says Bindu is operated just now and is subconscious, she is excellent, he has informed Prarthana and she may be coming from Delhi to meet them. he’s taking Meghna towards her ward whilst Bindu is taken away.

The boy whom Meghna stored seems to be goon Raghu’s son. Raghu’s spouse says their son is alive due to Meghna, so he have to take delivery of his crimes in court docket and show Meghna harmless. Raghu is of the same opinion. Punith’s goon friend listen their communication and informs Punith. Punith informs Mandar that the boy whom Meghna stored is Raghu’s and he has agreed to accept his crimes in courtroom that he burnt Meghna’s manufacturing facility on RK garments owner’s order. Meghna says she is worried for Bindu and prays god to do a miracle and remedy Bindu. Amar walks in and hearing that asserts Bindu gets well for sure.

Amar then walks to clinic temple and prays god that he is a health care provider and his responsibility is to save lives, but he is helpless in the front of god and pleads god to save his Bindu. He maintains hand on lamp and says he will now not take it out until Bindu gets aware. MP and MM see Bindu’s condition detriorating and get in touch with doctors. Kangana with Punith also walks in and says they need to shift her to ICU. Bindu gets aware calling Amar. Kangana rushes to Amar and says its a miracle, Bindu is conscious now. Amar rushes to Bindu. Bindu asks him now not to cry as her Faiba continually says…Amar says whatever her Faiba says, he desires to inform her that i love you.. Bindu gets happy listening to that. Kangana takes absolutely everyone out. Bindu and Amar’s romance keeps.

Mandar in local educate station buys information paper with Meghna’s information that she is harmless and tells Meghna that she can show all of us that his wife is James Bond. Meghna sees Kabir’s mother who alleged her and asks him to go and show it to Kabir’s mom. Mandar walks to her and displaying newspaper news factors at Meghna. Kabir’s mother reminisces Meghna’s undertaking and feels responsible. Meghna says teach got here and family gets into educate in which Bindu/Amar and Prarthana/Viraaj meet her. Viraaj informs that Prarthana is pregnant with twins. all of them have fun. Punith and Kangana enter and inform about their engagement. they all have a good time more. Mandar asks to select name for his or her toddler. Meghna says her child’s name is Bindu. Bindu receives emotional. Meghna says her daughter’s name is Bindu Nikade as this international desires Bindu and Binduism lots. Bindu gets amnesia assault again and asks Amar who is he. Amar gets tensed. Bindu laughs and says she became joking. Meghna scolds if she does this type of funny story once more, she will be able to slap her. Bindu says she can name her child as Meghna as she doesn’t want her daughter in no way to simply accept defeat like Meghna. All three buddies hug each different. Voiceover says many end up friends in nearby educate and their existence is going on like like Meghna, Bindu, and Prarthana’s friendship.

Serial ended


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