Ladies Special 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amar strolls to Bindu and says he is going to clinic and in the event that she can go with him once more. She denies and gets occupied with getting ready supper. She strolls towards MP and MM holding sustenance when she falls oblivious. Amar, MM, and MP hurry to her. Amar then surges her in his vehicle. Mandar is occupied with getting ready Chinese dish for Meghna when Meghna gets work torments. He surges her towards emergency clinic in auto when they stall out in car influx. A kid runs taking bun and retailer gets him and says he will hand him over to police. Meghna approaches Mandar to pay for bun and asks kid for what good reason he stole bun. Kid says he was eager.

Meghna asks where does he remain. He says he wouldn’t like to return home as his folks will beat him for scoring low checks in test. Meghna demands to tell where he stays and drops him home in auto. At home, mother weeps for her child and gets upbeat seeing him returning home. Driver says this woman spared him being sent to police headquarters and brought him home. Mother expresses gratitude toward Meghna. Meghna gets back in auto and Mandar requests to take them to medical clinic soon. Driver says there would be overwhelming traffic now, so they ought to pass via train. Mandar requests to drop them to nearby train station at that point.

Amar with Bindu drives vehicle towards emergency clinic when Bindu awakens and asks where are they going. He says to eat at medical clinic. Mid way vehicle stalls close film lobby. Amar calls his technician for assistance and attempts to restart vehicle, yet falls flat. Bindu demands him to accept her to film lobby as she needs to remember every one of her recollections. Amar illuminates that he lied incompletely and uncovers her entire story. She crumples once more. He attempts to stop vehicles to look for assistance, however no one does. At long last he remains before a vehicle which stops and Umedh turns out. They surge Bindu towards clinic.

Meghna and Mandar gets into nearby train where Meghna’s work agony increments. Mandar inquires as to whether there is specialist among them. Woman specialist strolls to them and there is no opportunity to arrive at emergency clinic and conveyance ought to occur here. Travelers help and Meghna conveys a child young lady.

Precap: Unconscious Bindu is taken on stretcher to ICU while Bindu is taken to maternity ward


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