Ladies Special 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Supervisor says he is eager to battle with an intense lady. Umedh begins visiting with Mota Pappa/MP and Moti Mamma/MM and anxiously says he needs to discuss his town goats’ wedding. MP inquires as to why. Umedh keeps talking trash anxiously lastly concurs that he cherishes Bindu and needs to wed her. MP irately requests that he get up and after that changing his tone smilingly requests that he contact his feet and take endowments. Umedh turns out with Bindu and asks how was his acting. Bindu says he was exaggerating. Amar comes back from medical clinic. Umedh

Meghna goes to her plant and aides laborers. Mandar strolls in and encourages her and says by what means will move practice for youngsters’ parent-instructor meeting in the event that she works and gets drained. Meghna gets glad hearing that. They achieve home. Meghna demands to rehearse at her home while Mandar demands to rehearse at his room and takes her along. They move. Meghna insults he didn’t need kids to giggle seeing his move, so he brought her here. He says he would not like to exasperate kids’ investigations. Their nok jhok proceeds.

MP calls pandit to fix Kangana/Amar and Bindu/Umedh’s wedding. Pandit discovers Amar and Kanga’s wedding muhurath on sixteenth August and Bindu and Umedh’s on tenth August. MP compliments them both. Bindu reprimands Umedh for fixing their wedding date before Amar’s. Umedh calls pandit and influences him to reshuffle wedding dates. Pandit compliments Amar and Kanga tending to them as Umedh and Bindu. MP says they are Amar and Kangana. Pandit says he committed an error, Amar and Kangana’s wedding date is on tenth August and Bindu and Umedh’s on sixteenth. Amar stands strained. MP at that point sustains desserts to pandit and MM. Umedh demands in the event that he can bolster desserts to Bindu. MP wholeheartedly allows. Dramatization proceeds..

Precap: Amar chides Kangana for spreading news in clinic about their wedding date.


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