Ladies Special 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amar says he doesn’t have ticket as he doesn’t go in train, so TT can fine him. TT asks where did he board train and where he needs to go. Amar says past station and does not know where he needs to go. TT says he comprehended his concern, on the off chance that he battled with his better half.

Amar says Bindu is pleasant, however is leaving from him. TT says he comprehended his concern and clarifying how he felt when his child went to US for occupation, he figured in what capacity will his child live without them, however the truth of the matter is the way he will live without his child, so it feels extraordinary agony when dear ones go far away; when somebody is enamored, he sees his woman love all over. Amar escapes train and envisions Bindu in elderly person, TT, coolie, and so on what’s more, acknowledges he adores Bindu. He returns home and strolls once again into MP’s room. MP awakens and inquires as to whether he came back from emergency clinic. Amar cries saying with a long discourse lastly acknowledges that MP’s choice to get him wedded to Bindu was correct and he cherishes Bindu.

Bindu prepares toward the beginning of the day for kids’ school meeting. Mandar enters and inquires as to whether she dozed in outfit. Meghna jokes and requests that he prepare soon as they don’t have much time. He goes to change. Smash illuminates her that there was a flame mishap at their plant. Meghna hurries to production line and breaks seeing it consumed into fiery remains. She thinks back representatives working there and her example of overcoming adversity from her workshop. Mandar comes to. Meghna cries holding him.

Amar strolls to Bindu approaches on the off chance that she can plan upma for him and goes into flashback where MP recommends him that he should regard Bindu’s emotions likewise and not meddle among Umedh and Bindu. Bindu asks him cap occurred. He escapes flashback and requests that her get ready breakfast soon as he is getting late for emergency clinic.

Precap: Amar discloses to Kangana that they are simply companions and that’s it. Kangana yells he sold out her and cuts her wrist. MP picks Bindu’s telephone and hears Umedh depicting about their show.


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