Ladies Special 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Jyoti excitedly indicates Meghna society holi birthday party’s decoration truck arriving. Mandar additionally watches it and reminisces Jyoti and him giving their holi collection. Jyoti asks Meghna if she and Mandar did not reconcile but. Meghna says no and she does no longer care, let us make set up ourselves with out Mandar’s help. He similarly reminisces Jyoti booking small track participant well worth 4000 rs, and Meghna cancels it and books well worth 15000 rs. She then explains cause that a woman in her locality turned into notorious and were given very well-known organizing gala’s and social gathers or even became region corporator; she has to use identical approaches to get her employer’s clothes noticed and boom her business.

Prarthana searches antique attire to wear all through holi celebrations. Puneeth insists her to wear new attire. Prarthana says she does no longer need to smash get dressed with holi. Puneeth presents her 2000 rs and says she should purchase new get dressed. Prarthana scolds him, however he insists and says Viraaj will taunt her for certain. On the opposite facet, Viraaj plans to suggest Prarthana. His father calls him and congratulates him for finishing his internship and getting recommendation letter. He in addition says he is retiring and selling Viraaj as corporation’s CEO day after today, asks to test business enterprise’s web web page. Viraaj assessments web web page and is amused to see him as organisation’s destiny inheritor, receives tensed that if Prarthana sees it, his love tale will cease earlier than it’s going to start.

Mandar confronts Meghna that he kept quiet while she sold laptop because it became for organization, then she bought cycles for youngsters and it become for their happiness, now she is overspending for her fake status and he can’t keep quiet as he’s her husband and can’t allow her do whatever wrong. Meghna thinks she is enjoyable her adolescence dream and no one can prevent her from reaching her dreams.

Bindu returns to clinic from temple and offers prasad to Kangana. She then walks into Amar’s room and gives prasad to famly. She gets calls from Meghna inviting her for holi celebration. She connects even Prarthana on convention name. They each taunt Prarthana to propose Viraaj nowadays. Prarthana syingly concurs. Bindu then returns to Amar’s room. Mota pappa suggests her to wait birthday party. Bindu says she does not need to. Mota pappa describes Amar’s formative years mischieves and memories all through holi celebrations. whole circle of relatives laughs. Amar insists Bindu pinnacle play holi even on his behalf. Bindu concurs and walks out. Kangana stops her and asks if she is going so early, who will live with Amar. Bindu says she goes to play holi at Meghna’s place and Amar insisted her to move, he has many adolescence holi birthday party stories to say. Kangana says she stay with Amar until he gets properly. Bindu says Amar tells one have to deal with mind first to treat body, Amar’s mind is glad now and he’ll get nicely soon.

Precap: all through Meghna’s society holi celebrations, Kishan mixes bhang in Prarthana, Meghna, and Bindu’s milk to ease Viraaj recommend Prarthana. All 3 ladies revel in bhang mixed milk.


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