Ladies Special 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amar takes Bindu toward vehicle when Meghna with Mandar walks to Bindu and asks how is she. Bindu asks who’s she and how does she understand her name. Mandar stops Meghna and reminds Meghna and MP’s conversation in which MP informs that Amar has taken Bindu to health center for checks as she has lost her past 1 12 months’s reminiscence and forgot even Amar. Out of flashback, Meghna says she just heard about her from Dr. Amar. Bindu says seems like she is aware of her properly and they met earlier than. Mandar says his spouse is a well-known Marathi heroine. Meghna asks now not to comic story. Bindu says seems like her due date is nearing and for her goad bharai she need to call her for mehandi. Meghna has the same opinion and hugging her emotionally asks to name her Meghna ben. Bindu says she is making an attempt to cheer her up, however she is crying. Mandar says they have doctor’s appointment. Bindu says why didn’t they take Dr. Amar’s assist. Mandar says it’s miles a gynecological trouble and Amar is a heart specialist. Amar leaves in his car with Bindu. Meghna cries announcing Bindu forgot Amar. Umedh’s father attorney Kotak calls Mandar and asks to fulfill him soon. Meghna says she does not want to seeing Bindu’s situation. Mandar says Bindu and Amar are preventing their warfare and they ought to combat their conflict.

Meghna and Mandar meet Kotak who asks if their case is authentic, best then he’ll take their case and typically he loses 90% of his cases. Mandar says he will win their case for positive. Kotak sees Meghna tensed and asks if she is not assured about her case. Meghna says she is involved for Bindu, god gives her problems usually and now she misplaced her 1 yr’s reminiscence. Kotak says Umedh didn’t inform him something and says they need to first deal with the next day’s courtroom listening to and he will study report again. Mandar asks his costs. Kotak says he’ll ask expenses after prevailing case. Mandar asks if he is making an attempt to surrender costs like his kids do knowing his financial state of affairs. Kotak says he will take costs for sure. They each stroll out of his workplace. Evil boss’s aide notices them and informs boss. They each tour in educate hoping to win case. Meghna maintains her issues for Bindu.

Amar takes Bindu in his vehicle in the direction of home. She insists to travel in local teach, have pani puri and watch seaside. Amar tries to forestall her but offers up seeing her adamancy. They walks into local trains station in which Bindu insists to have pani puri. Amar says they’ll have somewhehre else as open stall is unhygenic. Bindu insists. Panipuriwala demanding situations Amar that his pani puri is most hygenic. Bindu demanding situations Amar for a pani puri competition and wins. Amar stands huffing having warm pani puris. Bindu says she gained, so he’ll take her to beach. After looking beach, Amar and Bindu return home, and Bindu describes all her day’s activiites. MP says Bindu looks properly. Amar says sure and burps and says sorry. Bindu additionally burps and asks if it is inaccurate to burp. MP says no, air produced in body must come out from somewhere. Amar burps again and feels comfy. He receives Kangana’s name who says reviews are again and her father is coming and will take a look at reviews within the morning. Amar thinks he’ll now not permit some thing manifest to Bindu.

Precap: Kangana’s father tells Amar that they may work difficult and therapy Bindu at any cost. Amar asks howmuch time Bindu has, informs MP that reports are regular. In court, all evidences speak against Meghna and judgement is going towards her.


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