Ladies Special 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Khadar bhai says they offered their vehicle to pay worker compensations. Amar expels all his and Bindu’s wedding photographs from dividers. Bindu demands Moti Mummy/MM that sair is worn in the wake of wedding and she wears suits. Amar strolls in and says she can get suits from MM’s cabinet. Bindu concurs. Amar strolls close to her. She cautions to quit drawing nearer to her, he was notwithstanding dozing in her room the previous evening. Amar checks her heartbeat and asks who is specialist here, he rested in her space to deal with her and requests that her prepare as they are going to emergency clinic for checkup.

Bindu says she dos not have any desire to and exhaust that Amar is extremely pompous, requests that MM give suits and inquires as to whether she wears these suits. MM says here and there and leaves. Amar gets ready juice for Bindu and reveals to MP he doesn’t know to persuade Bindu for MRI examine. MM takes juice for Bindu, however she denies. Amar enters and says he sent this juice. MP demands to have squeeze as it is crisp and will ruin. Bindu beverages and demands to go out to watch shoreline. Amar says she can’t go as it will rain as per climate gauge. Meghna calls Amar and he picks call. Bindu breakdown, Amar detaches call and holding Bindu says he blended resting pills in juice to take Bindu to emergency clinic for MRI filtering. He takes Bindu with him. Meghna gets back to. MP picks call.

Amar takes Bindu to medical clinic and on stretcher Bindu intuitively mumbles why Amar carried her to emergency clinic. Attendants take Bindu to MRI room. Amar remains outside rigidly. Kangana strolls to him. Amar says he neglected to expel 2019 schedule from MRI room. Punith strolls in and says he expelled schedule and educated staff to not talk about anything uncommon before Bindu as Kangna had officially educated him everything. Amar expresses gratitude toward him. Punith requests to express gratitude toward Kangana. Kangana educates how Bindu helped her. Bindu turns out of MRI room and chastens Amar that he place her in intensely sounding machine strongly. Amar says her primary care physician Kangana recommended this test as she fell oblivious and appears to have inside issue. Bindu quiets down and becomes a close acquaintence with Kangana and reproves Amar. They get close vehicle when Meghna with Mandar strolls to them and asks Bindu how is she. Bindu asks who is she and how can she know her name.

Precap: Bindu discloses to Meghna that she is by all accounts pregnant and should call her for mehandi drawings on her hand as she is master in it, they appear to know each other from previously.


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