Ladies Special 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amar while having a dinner date with Kangana says he is feeling sad after divorcing Bindu and asks if her husband will divorce her for sure as he may also be loving her and does not want to let her go. Meghna’s children call him and ask riddle. He smiles and answers. They say wrong, he does not know anything as his school maybe not better than theirs and Bindu always helps him. Bindu solves riddles. Amar laughs and says Bindu’s riddle solving skill is always amazing. Kangana asks if he liked her cruise idea. He says amazing, he wants to make her honeymoon memorable. Kangana thinks as Punith says, Amar always tries to nod yes for her. They then travel towards home while Kangana reminisces Amar’s question if her husband will divorce her or not. Bindu and Prarthana taunt Meghna if Mandar shifted back his bags home or not. Meghna says he did and she is doing all this for baba. Children play energetic song and make Viraaj/Prarthana and Meghna/Mandar dance. They all enjoy party. At night, Meghna and Mandar nervously try to sleep on their bed. Khadar Bhai calls him and asks if he ran away from locality fearing his wife. Mandar says he returned home and will come there to take his toothbrush. Khadar bhai taunts that his wife is too rich, she gifted him car and can gift him toothbrush at least. Meghna asks if he will go there just for toothbrush, he can buy one. He says there wont be any shop early morning.

Daas babu waits for Viraaj and Prarthana at a local train station. They both reach and ask why did he call them at this time. Daas babu says he was waiting for them to return from honeymoon so that Viraaj joins back Parimal Industries. Prarthana says Viraaj does not want to go there as it reminds him his father. Daas babu says his father built Parimal empire with great difficulty from scratch and Viraj should not let it go so easily to his uncle who is ruining it.

Binduu returns home and sees Mota Pappa/MP writing long list of his community boys and says he will select best boy for Bindu by first filtering them via their education and then age and will reject all old boys. Amar interferes and asks if he will succeed with so much scrutiny. MP says he will not chose any lallu panju/incompetent boy for his daughter. Bindu says only if she gets married, Amar can marry Kangana soon. Amar says they can go ahead then, making Bindu and MP sad. Bindu notes down her profile made by MP and says even her grandma/Faiba had not praised her so much. MP says he will get his daughter married to a handsome prince.

Meghna gets ready in the morning. Mandar hurriedly leaves for office. A young lady searches for Mandar’s house. Meghna thinks she wants to inform Mandar about buying flat. Agent calls her and asks to pay initial amount, else she will lose 5% discount chance. Meghna prepares cheque.

Precap: A boy gets out of car and enters to meet Bindu.


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