Ladies Special 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Moti Mamma asks Mota pappa what did he decide after listening to Amar. Mota pappa says she saw what Amar told, but did not see Amar has customary Bindu as a part of his life, Kangana became his infatuation and Bindu is his true love, he’ll make it realize to Amar. Moti mamma says he is right. He says his body is vulnerable, now not his thoughts; asks to name Bindu. Moti mamma calls Bindu. Mota pappa tells his youth story in which Bindu’s father stood by means of him/his buddy and accepts the trainer’s punishment. He says Bindu’s father stood by him then and now Bindu stood for her pal Amar now. He continues that he is habituated to her and does not her to go until he recovers. She says she will be able to not until he receives nicely. Amar hears their communique standing near the door. Kangana calls him and starts emotional blackmail, tries to initiate him towards Bindu, however, Amar asks now not guilty Bindu.

Mandar tells a tale to his children depicting Khadar Bhai as dragon and monster. Baba laughs. Mandar says kids ate at least with this tale. Meghna receives engrasped in mind thinking how much to pay her personnel. She recollects Mandar, Jyoti, and Khadar bhai’s phrases. Mandar asks if she is wondering something. She asks how does he recognise. He says he can sense seeing her face.

Viraj drops Prarthana domestic and asks her to return quickly as he has booked a table at an inn for their dinner date. She says she can if does no longer light candles on the table. He promises. She walks into home promising to are available five min and sees Puneeth and Rachna involved as papa did not go back domestic yet. Papa returns home closely drunk.

Mota pappa and Bindu snicker discussing their village testimonies. Dr Shroff enters and congratulates Amar that his uncle did not need to look his and his spouse’s face, now he’s giggling, what magic did he do. Mota pappa says his son dealt with his mind before treating his frame. Dr Shroff says he’s happy with Amar and says Amar’s analysis of partial paralysis is proper, but now not to fear his uncle might be all right inside 2 weeks of physiotherapy. Mota pappa thinks he cannot get well until he makes Bindu and Amar realize their love for each different.

Precap:- Jyoti clicks kids’ p.c as fashions and thinks how will she add photos on the net without a laptop.


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