Ladies Special 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bindu sees Amar coming out of MRI scan room on wheelchair and physician explaining him something. Kangana looks at Amar alas. Amar asks her now not to tell about his situation to everybody. Bindu gets tensed. Puneeth together with his mother and father reaches police station and requests inspector to record lacking criticism of his sister Prarthana Kashyap. Inspector jokes that even his spouse leaves home from time to time and returns, it’s miles traditional ladies hassle, he want not worry as his sister will go back soon and if she does now not for 24 hours, he can go back. Puneeth says consistent with new regulation, he can document complaint before 24 hours if an girl is missing. Inspector yells if he is teaching him law. Viraaj enters sporting match and goggles with Daas and his uncle and introduces himself as Viraaj Inderjeet Parimal. Puneeth and his dad and mom

are amused to hear that he’s a billionaire. Viraaj introduces his CBI leader uncle and asks inspector to file Prarthana’s missing grievance. Inspector nervously says he’ll take on the spot motion. CBI leader says he will obey my order. Puneeth takes Viraaj out and yells that be betrayed them. Viraaj says he’s equal Viraaj and they are able to solve their differences later and first locate Prarthana. Meghna calls Prarthana and while she does no longer pick out call, she call Viraaj. Viraaj receives nervous and does no longer pick name.
Bindu returns to Amar and confronts what is he hiding. Amar nervously says not anything. She says for the duration of current days, entire circle of relatives lied with every different and it did not move nicely with them, so he could inform what passed off as she saw him coming out of MRI scanning room. Viraaj exhibits that due to anoxic brain damage his left hand is paralyltic now and he can only be medical doctor from here and no longer health care professional. Bindu receives tensed and asks not to inform Mota pappa and mamma about it. Mota pappa and mamma hear their communique status out of doors and stand tensed.

Meghna reaches Prarthana’s house and asks family in which is she. Puneeth yells that Viraaj betrayed all of them, he is multimillionaire Indrajeet Parimal’s son Viraaj Parimal, Parthana is lacking due to his betrayal. Meghna fumes that she will be able to now not spare Viraaj today, maybe he’s a billionaire, allow us to go to his house. Puneeth says they cannot even touch him. Meghna says even then allow us to go and test his residence. Prarthana is visible at Viraaj’s residence subconscious and her cellphone rings. Viraaj reaches home and seeing door lock opens walks in nervously and sees Prarthana there. He receives worried for her and calls Puneeth. Puneeth informs Meghna who says allow us to communicate to him at once. They input Viraaj’s residence and are amused to see Prarthana there.

Precap: Meghna’s house catches fireplace. Kangana gets jealous seeing Amar and Bindu performing aarti together. Viraaj attempts to talk to Prarthana, but she warns that she can slap him if he attempts to fulfill her once more.


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