Ladies Special 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Viraaj’s dad tends to media and presents Viraaj as most youthful CEO of his gathering of organizations. Viraaj leaves from CEO assignment and withdraws himself from all his dad’s properties. Father says his child is frantic like him. Journalists state they thought Viraaj’s Parimal will likely moved toward becoming CEO. Viraaj says he has another objective to meet. Prarthana with his folks watches news. Father exhaust now Viraaj is progressively futile in the wake of leaving work, Rachna needs Prarthana to wed crazy man like Viraaj. Viraaj strolls in. Father yells to get out. Viraaj says let him address Prarthana once. Prarthana as regular egotistically requests that he get out, yet he demands to hear him out once.

Bindu endeavors to persuade Amar to experience medical procedure. Amar gets hesitant. Bindu says as a specialist, he should know estimation of 2% shots. Amar says that is the reason he wouldn’t like to experience medical procedure. She attempts her best to persuade him, however he gets determined. Bindu educates Mota pappa that Amar does not have any desire to experience medical procedure as he had made an arrangement with god to return Mota pappa’s deliver trade of his hand. Mota pappa is flabbergasted to hear that. Bindu says she will discover with god for Amar. Kangana’s dad driving vehicle with her approaches if Amar concurred for medical procedure. She says Bindu will persuade Amar as she is extremely decided. Father inquires as to whether she educated about dangers. Kangnaa considers on the off chance that she had educated, Bindu herself would not have concurred for medical procedure. Mota pappa gets unyielding and demands Amar to concur for medical procedure. Amar gets hesitant, however concurs on Mota pappa’s passionate atyachar.

Viraaj takes Prarthana to nearby railroad station and sitting on seat says he got a proposition to be engaged for her. She as common feels herself extraordinary tending to herself as murmur and Vikraaj as tum approaches in the event that he brought her here for his rubbish talk. He demonstrates his arrangement letter with 30000 pay and says he left his dad’s organization and needs to work elsewhere now. She says he is distraught, he asked her not to leave employment and himself left his dad. He says he took his dad’s consent as of now. He arranges samosa and offers her, himself endeavors to refute nothing in it and spats because of flavors. Prarthana offers him water, chiding him.

Bindu after a warmed contention with Mandar to substantiate herself right and him wrong strolls to Jyoti and inquires as to for what reason did she expel Manish from Sachin and Swapna’s school and got him conceded in various school, she realizes she is having money related emergency with a less salaried new occupation, so she should return back to her organization. Jyoti says she needn’t bother with her support, when she can’t regard her better half, by what method will she regard her companion.

Precap Upcoming Ladies Special Episode Update: Rachna offers desserts to Viraaj, and her significant other stops her. Amar reveals to Kangana’s dad that he concurred for the good of medical procedure for Bindu. Jyoti rejects Meghna’s offers and says she needn’t bother with her support. Meghna insults Jyoti and Mandar that soon they will acknowledge estimation of cash.


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