Ladies Special 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Punith asks Kangana to vent out her displeasure on punching sack and holds pack. Kangana does same and hits hard, pack hits Punith’s nose and Kangana gets stressed for him. Mandar organizes corncob for Meghna and says he will depict his on how he masterminded corncob during the evening awakening seller and afterward warmed it on tea merchant’s stove. Meghna says that is on the grounds that he adores his youngster. He says yes. Meghna appreciates corcob and says Amar should legitimately express his affection for Bindu.

Mandar says it was only a worry for relative. Meghna says you men are constantly befuddled and never comprehend what is in your brain. Kangana and Punith’s nok jhok proceeds. Her house cleaner enters with her cousin and illuminates her that she will instruct work to her cousin and will go to her town for a couple of days, asks who is this bhaiya. Kangana says he is the person who called her kaaga/crow and snickers. Punith grins and leaves saying her great night and he didn’t worry about her hitting him. Amar calls Punith and requests to give him a chance to address Kangana. Punith says she is fine and would have dozed at this point. Amar stands flabbergasted hearing that.

Meghna get insurance agency’s letter and advises her representatives that in the wake of getting guarantee cash, she will pay them all. She doesn’t get English and over telephone asks Santosh to come to chawl and read letter. Bindu contemplates her memory misfortune to Umedh, so she calls him and requests to meet her. He enthusiastically inquires as to whether they are going to lunch, espresso, or a motion picture, he will dress as per event. Bindu says not for that, he can simply come here. Amar strolls in and inquires as to whether she is fine. She says she rested soundly the previous evening. Amar says she discovers inspiration in all things and proceeding with his discussion inquires as to whether she adores Umedh. She says no, however will wed him the same number of individuals begin cherishing each other after marriage, she is certain she will be content with Umedh; thinking back talking about same arrangement with Umedh. Amar feels frustrated hearing that.

Amar calls Kangana and advises he would not like to keep her in dull,, so he educated her that he wouldn’t like to wed her, she should keep this a mystery. Kangana gets bothered and asks not to rehash his words. He says he needs to discuss Bindu and apologizes her once more. She says not to temperament off her with same words. Amar turns and sees Bindu standing hearing their discussion. Kangana then destroys boxing gloves and vents her displeasure on punching pack.

Santosh peruses letter and advises Meghna that it is a court see and not insurance agency’s letter as insurance agency has recorded extortion case on her. Meghna breaks hearing that.

Precap: Meghna sees Kangana and Punith’s closeness and educates Amar that Bindu is acting with Umedh and does not adore him, Kangana is misrepresentation.


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