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Bindu tells Mota pappa that Amar got him discharged from hospital and he need not stay here for even a minute or get physiotherapy. Mota pappa starts badmouthing about Amar, but Bindu does not get angry at all. He thinks she is not getting angry at all, how to check if she loves Amar or not. He continues crying that Amar does not have even 2 minutes for him and instead of taking him to his hospital brought him here and getting him treated under Dr.

Ladies Special 25th February 2019

Shroff, he is so disloyal to him. Bindu gets angry and says he can call Amar anything but not disloyal, he sacrificed so much and sometimes while protecting dear ones from pain and themselves inflict pain. Mota pappa smiles thinking she loves Amar for sure.

Ladies Special 25th February

Viraj seeks Kishan’s advise how to propose Prarthana. Kishan says his love story ended before it stared and he should wait for some more days. Viraj then meets Prarthana who asks him to help Meghna. Meghna tells her problem. Viraj calls Daas babu and seeks help. Their music company manager Dhariwal sees him and tries to get up in respect. He signals him to sit and messages him to sign a music contract with Prarthana. Dhariwal replies he has special contract for her and informs same to Daas babu.

Ladies Special 25th February

Amar and Bindu bring Mota pappa home. Neighbor meets Mota pappa and wishes him speedy recovery. Mota papa fumes and thinks he does not want to recover. Back to his room, he informs Mota mamma that he does not want to get well till he makes Bindu and Amar realize their love for each other. Bindu tells Amar that she will make Mota pappa walk on his feet, play bluff with him and then leave this house. Amar gets sad hearing that.

Ladies Special 25 February

After helping Meghna, Viraj asks her to find out Prarthana’s date and time of birth. Prarthana gets Dhariwal’s call who insists her to sign a contract with his company. She says she is not interested. He says that she will sing for Bollywood’s one of biggest music director Bappi Lahri da. She gets excited, but reminiscing her father blame her rejects offer. Meghna hears that and scolds if she has gone mad to reject such a big music director’s offer.

Precap: Ladies Special 25 February 2019 Written Update Bappi Lahri sings his famous song Yaar bina chain kahan re…while Prarthana and family and friends enjoy his song.


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